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The first of August is here and it directly heralds a day when again a very stormy energetic environment will prevail. In line with this, Germany is again hit by storms of a fairly large magnitude. A super cell from France is heading straight for us and is said to bring some pretty severe thunderstorms/storms with it. This is exactly how several tornado warnings for the north-east of the country have gone out. At the same time, even stronger hurricane gusts can reach us, Heavy rain and larger hailstones are also possible. As far as that is concerned, the storm front also reaches the west around noon and then moves to the north-east. Well then, in the end all of this is no longer normal and shows us once again in the most obvious way how our weather is being played with.

Weather manipulation on a grand scale

Weather manipulation on a grand scaleIn this context, more and more people, scientists and other instances are reporting how our weather is being deliberately manipulated by a variety of means. I have also reported several times that our weather is being manipulated in a targeted manner by chemtrails (nanoparticles + chemical substances), Haarp (put simply: strong, conscious + weather-changing frequencies that are sent into our atmosphere to achieve various goals) and other methods . In the process, severe earthquakes are sometimes triggered (The Chernobyl disaster was triggered by an artificially generated earthquake||as has now been reported by a great number of sources - eyewitness reports + open documents . -the extent of the lies + disinformation on this planet is much greater than is known it can be imagined), this is exactly how heavy thunderstorms, storms + larger cloud fronts are generated. Ultimately, this ensures that it reaches us in a milder form, especially on days when a high level of cosmic radiation reaches us (consciousness-expanding frequencies).

Our weather has been deliberately manipulated by Haarp and other technologies for decades. The only difference from before is that more and more people are now becoming aware of it..!!

This is exactly how this weather-changing power is used to enforce certain geopolitical goals. Ultimately, this is also noticeable to people who usually do not deal with such topics at all. The current weather situation is irritating more and more people and is losing credibility from day to day.

A rethink is taking place

In particular, the tornadoes + all the tornado warnings in Germany encourage many people to rethink and for good reason. I mean, now quite honestly, TORNADOS IN GERMANY, why should tornadoes suddenly appear in our region after countless decades - when we have always been propagandized that this is an impossibility here. All of a sudden this circumstance should have changed and we have to reckon with tornadoes in our region. Incidentally, this topic has only been appearing more and more for 1-2 years and is slowly becoming the norm here. Where is all of this supposed to lead to, will strong hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes hit us in the next few years, like in the USA? In the last few weeks and months in particular, things have been more turbulent than ever. Strong storms, floods in many areas, very heavy rainfall, strong gusts of wind, hurricanes, etc., the whole thing is taking on ever greater proportions. At the end of the day, our weather is being manipulated more and more and it seems that more and more weather experiments are being carried out. But the whole thing can no longer be done in secret, as more and more people are dealing with this topic and are catching a glimpse behind the scenes. Well then, in conclusion I can only add that all this will eventually come to an end and that, above all, fewer and fewer people will be fooled by the systematic spreading of disinformation.

Since the newly begun Age of Aquarius, humanity's collective state of consciousness has been evolving. Ultimately, this also means that all systems + mechanisms that are based on disinformation are increasingly being exposed..!!

Ultimately, this shouldn't make us angry either, because after all, the collective state of consciousness has been undergoing massive change for several years and the illusory world that was built around our heads will no longer last in the long run. In a few years we will find ourselves on a completely new planetary circumstance and topics such as weather manipulation, wars, compulsory vaccination + the suppression of various remedies will then no longer play a role. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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