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By now most people should know that going for a walk or spending time in nature can have a very positive effect on your own spirit. In this context, a wide variety of researchers have already found out that daily trips through our forests can have a very positive effect on the heart, our immune system and, above all, our psyche. Apart from the fact that this also strengthens our connection to nature + makes us a little more sensitive, people who are in forests (or mountains, lakes, etc.) every day are much more balanced and can deal with stressful situations much better.

Go to the forest every day

Go to the forest every dayAs for me personally, I have always loved being in nature. Our place of residence also borders on a small forest, where I spent a lot of time in my childhood and also partly in my youth. I kind of grew up with nature. As I got older, however, this subsided and I spent less and less time in nature. At that time I was much more busy with other things or I was going through puberty and shifted my focus to things that are insignificant from today's point of view. Nevertheless, even in this phase of my life I always felt the call of nature and still felt drawn to it in a certain way, even if I was hardly there from then on. At some point this changed again and I began to spend more time in nature. So I rediscovered my inner child in the beginning of my spiritual change and often went into the surrounding forests, built caves there, made small campfires and enjoyed the silence and tranquility of nature. Of course I didn't do this every day, but every now and then. But this has suddenly changed again a week ago and I have been in the forest every day since then. It all started when I went running every day about 1-2 weeks ago.

Movement is an essential aspect when it comes to strengthening your own mind. Ultimately, you also follow the universal principle of rhythm and vibration + realize thriving aspects of life..!!  

I did this simply to strengthen my own spirit and to feel better overall, to become mentally more stable and balanced. Somehow the whole thing shifted and going for a run every day now turned into spending time in nature or in the forest every day.

strengthen your spirit

strengthen your spiritTogether with my girlfriend, once with a good friend as a threesome, I went into the forest every day for several hours, made a small fire there every time and fell in love with nature all over again. As far as that is concerned, I have now again experienced that there is hardly anything more pleasant than being in nature every day, especially in forests. The fresh air, all the natural sensory impressions, the countless wonderful sounding animal sounds, all that simply inspired my own spirit and was balm for my soul. In this context, we have also started to build a small shelter in the forest in a remote part of our forest last year. Now we continued our work and further expanded this shelter. In the middle of this square we also made a small campfire site and since then we have also enjoyed the beauty of the fire. Ultimately, this is something that has been lost in today's world, the love of nature and the 5 elements. Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether (Energy - Spirit - Consciousness, the space in which everything happens, arises and thrives), in all these elements we can see beauty, draw strength from them and are very much in contact with feel these natural forces. Drinking pure spring water/energized water or even swimming in lakes/seas inspires our connection to the element of water, being in nature, in forests or even on mountains in turn strengthens our connection to the elements earth + air (breathing in fresh air , staying in the woods, enjoying the whole play of colours, simply being a child and interacting with earth/sticks/trees etc.), lighting a campfire + looking fascinated at this power for hours (or, for example, bathing in the sun), shows us in a certain way our love for the element fire and spirituality, that conscious dealing with our own spirit, that understanding of our own primal ground + the recognition of the divine in everything that exists, in turn intensifies our connection to the element "ether" .

Since last week, I've just become aware of how important our love for the 5 elements can be and, above all, how much power these elements can give us humans..!!

Somewhere it is also very healthy and natural to rekindle your own “love for the elements”. Basically, the 5 elements are also something that fascinates everyone or even puts them in a more balanced state of consciousness. For example, when it gets dark outside and you start a small campfire and sit around and just stare into the fire, I assure you that just about anyone would enjoy/appreciate the presence of the fire very much, that one of the would be fascinated by the warming flames instead of simply being bored. Ultimately, the last few days in nature were very insightful for me personally (of course also for my girlfriend) and we definitely don't want to miss spending time in nature anymore. It has become our daily ritual and we now know how inspiring the effects of natural environments/conditions can be. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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