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Tomorrow (January 31, 2018) it's that time again and another full moon will reach us, to be precise the second full moon this year, which also represents the second full moon this month. Very strong cosmic influences will certainly reach us, because it is a very special full moon where many different events come together. In this context, we are faced with a lunar circumstance that last occurred 150 years ago.

A special event will happen to us tomorrow

Supermoon, blood moon, bluemoonAs far as this is concerned, tomorrow's full moon, which, according to an astrology site, will take place from 14:26 p.m., has very special properties and is subject to interesting circumstances. On the one hand, tomorrow's full moon is a supermoon. Ultimately, this refers to a full moon, which can appear significantly larger than usual due to its closest approach to the Earth (due to its elliptical orbit, the moon alternately comes closer to our planet and moves away again. If the moon is very close to the Earth during a full moon phase, then this is called a supermoon). Apart from that, the satellite shines exceptionally brightly. On the other hand, tomorrow we will also experience the phenomenon of the so-called “blue moon”, which refers to a full moon that occurs twice within a month (the first reached us on January 2nd – a rather rare circumstance). Last but not least, a blood moon eclipse reaches us. The moon appears reddish in color because it is shielded between the earth and the sun and therefore does not receive any direct solar radiation (according to scientific explanations, this is caused by the refraction of sunlight in the earth's atmosphere - this causes long-wave reddish residual light to enter the umbra cast by the sun illuminated earth, which falls on the moon and eclipses it). Ultimately, tomorrow will bring us a very special lunar circumstance that will bring with it a lot of energy. It is also said that blood moons herald a very powerful period of time in which the veil between our human and divine/spiritual worlds is significantly thinner. Supersensory perceptions could then become more pronounced and our own magic, i.e. our mental manifestation powers, then experience a drastic increase. A Blue Moon, i.e. the 2nd full moon within a month, is also associated with particularly magical powers and is said to have twice the potential of an ordinary full moon.

Since three very special and sometimes rare lunar phenomena will occur tomorrow, we will definitely be facing a very strong energetic circumstance..!!

Due to its position close to the Earth, a supermoon also has a significantly stronger effect on us humans, which is why we humans could react much more sensitively to the incoming lunar energies in a corresponding supermoon phase. If you then consider that all three lunar phenomena will meet each other tomorrow, then you cannot deny that a tremendous amount of energy will reach us.

The effects of the magical full moon

supermondThese energies will definitely accelerate the awakening of the collective state of consciousness, just as the blood moon tetrad recently did (four blood moons reached us in 2014 and 2015, two of them per year). In this context it should also be mentioned again that since December 21, 2012 (beginning of the apocalyptic years - apocalypse = unveiling, revelation, unveiling and not, as was propagated by the mass media at the time, "end of the world" - event has been ridiculed), the Humanity is in a quantum leap into awakening and has therefore begun to increasingly explore its own origins. Since then, more and more people have been waking up, experiencing an increase in their own sensitive powers, dealing with the big questions of life again, increasingly beginning to live in harmony with nature and penetrating their own minds into a spirit based on disinformation and deception Illusionary world built around their minds. Since this time, the true reasons for the warlike planetary circumstances have been increasingly exposed and a massive discovery of the truth is taking place. In the meantime, huge processes are taking place in the background and the abilities of our own mind are increasingly coming into our own focus again. In exactly the same way, many people understand that their lives are in no way meaningless, but that each person essentially represents a fascinating universe, from whose mental structures an individual reality emerges every day (we create our own living conditions, which is why we... You don't have to succumb to any supposed fate, but you can shape it yourself). Well, when it comes to the process of spiritual awakening, this can also be divided into different “levels”. We are now in a phase in which a new rethinking takes place and, on the one hand, one makes use of one's own powers of manifestation, i.e. one no longer acts contrary to one's own knowledge and begins to embody a lifestyle that also corresponds to one's own spiritual intentions on the other hand, there is now an embodiment of the peace that we want for the world (of course this is not the case for everyone, but there is still a clear upward trend here - at least that is my personal experience). This means the focus is less directed outward and more inward.

Peace can only arise on the outside when we begin to develop the corresponding peace within ourselves, in our own hearts. Be the change you want for this world!!  

Our own heart energy comes back to the foreground and we begin to realize a peaceful state of consciousness. For that matter, peace cannot come about by pointing the finger at other people or even at the elites and blaming them for the current chaotic planetary circumstance or even by falling into a state of anger (of course education is important, none question, but if this is done from a hateful state of consciousness, then it can also be counterproductive). Ultimately, our own mental work is now in the foreground again, a peaceful action within the present, whereby we humans create a circumstance that is massively inspired by our positive work. Tomorrow's full moon will therefore intensify these processes once again and, due to its powerful energies, can give the collective consciousness another important boost.

I am not my thoughts, emotions, senses and experiences. I am not the content of my life. I am life itself. I am the space in which all things happen. I am consciousness. This is me now. I am. – Eckhart Tolle..!!

For this reason, we humans should not reject tomorrow's energetic influences. Instead, we should harness the energies and make use of our own mental manifestation powers. We should start again to make a peaceful state of consciousness a reality in order to be able to benefit not only ourselves, but also our fellow human beings, the animal world and nature. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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