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On November 14th we are facing a so-called "supermoon". Basically, it means a period of time when the moon is exceptionally close to the earth. This phenomenon is firstly due to the elliptical orbit of the moon, whereby the moon reaches a point closest to the earth every 27 days, and secondly to a full moon phase, which takes place on the day closest to the earth. This time both events meet, i.e. the moon reaches the closest state to earth on its orbit and at the same time there is a full moon phase. If the weather conditions are good that day, there are few clouds in the sky and, above all, it is not pouring rain, then we have a good chance of seeing this natural spectacle in all its glory.

Super Moon + Portal Day - Special events collide..!!

super moon portal day

A super moon or a full moon that becomes visible under these two special conditions has the special effect that it appears significantly larger to us humans. Because of this, this rare full moon will appear up to 14 percent larger in diameter than a full moon, which in turn is orbitally the furthest away from Earth. The ratio is comparable to the size difference between a 1 and 2 euro coin. Furthermore, the full moon will also shine significantly brighter, by up to 30% to be precise, which can be very significant in good weather conditions. In general, it must be said at this point that full moons have had a significantly larger effect on us humans, especially in the last few months, which in turn is due to the fact that in the months before and after a super moon, the full moon is still relatively close to earth.

Portal day on November 13, 2016 – Strong cosmic rays!!

From an energetic point of view, we can count on strong inflowing energies. This circumstance is due to a portal day that takes place the day before, i.e. on November 13, 2016. In this context, portal days are days that are listed in the Mayan calendar and draw attention to an extremely high level of cosmic radiation. We are currently in a new beginning cosmic cycle, a cycle that catapults us humans into a whole new age, a quantum leap into awakening, if you will. This spiritual awakening is always accompanied by days when we humans are confronted with extremely high vibration frequencies, inflowing energies that can raise the collective state of consciousness. The intensity of these inflowing energies is usually so high that days before and also days after the inflowing energies can still be clearly felt. For this reason I am not surprised that the day before the super moon is a portal day. Of course, this is not a result of chance either, on the contrary, there is no coincidence, because every effect has a corresponding cause, just like every cause produces a corresponding effect.

Best conditions to reprogram your own subconscious..!!

So on such days there is a very energetic planetary environment, high vibrational frequencies reach our minds, which also means that negative thoughts that are deeply anchored in our subconscious surface, so that we can deal with them. For this reason, such days are perfect for reprogramming your own subconscious. It is precisely on such days that the best conditions prevail for introspection and for dissolving old, defective trains of thought. Such days also lead to increased tiredness spreading, which is exactly how some people react to the incoming cosmic radiation with inner restlessness. Sleep disorders, concentration problems, intense dreams, disorientation and depressive moods can also be the result of portal days. For this reason we can look forward to the coming days and should above all use the incoming energies in order to be able to progress in our own mental/spiritual development.

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