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A few days ago (on March 14th and 15th) a small electromagnetic storm (flares - radiation storms that arise during a solar flare) reached us, which in turn triggered slight fluctuations in the magnetic field and was able to stir up a lot of things inside us. In the days that followed, the influences did not subside and so several stronger radiation storms reached us.

Strong magnetic field fluctuations

The intensity this time was just like the page einseinmitderurquelle.wordpress.com described, was much stronger and strong magnetic field fluctuations were triggered. As far as this is concerned, corresponding “solar storms” generally trigger a weakening of our earth’s magnetic field, which means that significantly more cosmic influences/radiations reach our civilization. Ultimately, this has a massive influence on the collective state of consciousness, which means that we then explore our own spiritual origins more closely (our own mind/state of being is explored - life is questioned). Strong magnetic field fluctuationsOn the other hand, these “storms of change” are responsible for a collective realignment and countless low-frequency mechanisms/circumstances are recognized. In particular, the fictitious system is being given greater exposure and a look behind the scenes is taking place. More people are recognizing the illusionary world built around our minds and seeing through the true background of the current puppet politics and shadow governments. But not only are the backgrounds of the warlike planetary circumstances increasingly recognized, but in corresponding times (or days on which stronger cosmic influences reach us) a purification of our own mind/body/soul system also takes place. In particular, our own inner conflicts and mental inconsistencies are then transported into our daily consciousness in a special way and can then be cleared up by using our own intuitive abilities. For this reason, we are currently in days of cleansing/clarification and some of our low-frequency thoughts/feelings can be released.

The current days were very intense in terms of intensity, which is why we were not only able to legitimize new beliefs and convictions in our own minds, but we were also able to be confronted with internal conflicts. Clarification and cleaning was therefore the priority..!! 

In this context, our subconscious is now more receptive than ever and new beliefs, convictions and views on life can be integrated. Here we also like to talk about reprogramming/reprogramming our own subconscious.

Electromagnetic influences

Countless programs (thoughts anchored in the subconscious, which in turn significantly shape our current living conditions - beliefs, etc.) can be rewritten, which is why the creation of a new mental state can be realized better than ever.

Reorienting our minds

Reorienting our mindsThe current solar storms are really tough, especially today (at night) we received very strong electromagnetic influences. But stronger influences were also present on the day before yesterday. Because of this, we could now feel significantly more exhausted than usual. Headaches, sleep disorders and a general lack of concentration could also become noticeable. On the other hand, some people could have experienced the complete opposite, i.e. these people would have experienced a real boost in life energy (every person reacts to stronger electromagnetic influences in a completely individual way). As for me personally, I have felt rather exhausted and tired in the last few days. Otherwise, I also noticed that our internet connection was extremely weak, and there were sometimes lengthy interruptions. Downloads also stopped and various websites took what felt like an eternity to load. It would be possible whether this is related to the “solar storms”. It would also be worth mentioning that a portal day reached us yesterday (completely passed me by), which again went perfectly with the solar influences, because after all, portal days herald days on which stronger cosmic radiation reaches us overall (portal days). to the Maya).

Yesterday's portal day completely passed me by. Due to the strong cosmic influences, I was a little off track overall and felt exhausted and sleepy..!!

Well, I can't estimate whether further stronger electromagnetic influences will reach us in the next few days, but the possibility is definitely there. As always, I will keep you updated. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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