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Do you feel the change?! We are currently in a time in which the entire human civilization is experiencing massive intellectual development. Due to a unique cosmic interaction that begins anew every 26.000 years and leads our solar system into a high-frequency area of ​​our galaxy, humanity becomes more sensitive, more harmonious, more reflective and in this context learns the truth about its own origin in an autodidactic way. Questions about the meaning of life, about a divine existence or a divine primal reason, the question of what happens after death, whether there is a so-called death at all and why we humans are ultimately only an expression of a powerful spirit (consciousness) are raised again asked more and surprisingly answered. The change also means that we humans become aware of our own power of manifestation again. This power of manifestation (the realization/manifestation of thoughts) is currently experiencing a drastic acceleration.

The change in the planetary vibrational state

direct-manifestationsThe realization of your own thoughts requires a certain amount of time depending on the scope of the thought in question. Some of these thoughts/dreams/wishes are deeply anchored in our consciousness/subconsciousness and are just waiting to be lived or realized by us humans. The lower the prevailing planetary vibration frequency in this regard, the more space is offered to thoughts that have exactly that low vibration frequency. Low vibrational frequencies can be equated with energetically dense states and in this context are always caused by thoughts that are of a lower nature. Thoughts of fear, for example, vibrate at a low vibration frequency and have a condensing influence on our energetic foundation. Thoughts of love or joy vibrate at a high frequency and unblock our own energetic foundation. In the past decades/centuries there has been a very low planetary vibrational environment due to the energetically dense/dark region that our solar system traveled through for 13.000 years. This circumstance offered a lot of space for lower thoughts, behaviors and associated character traits.

In earlier times, an energetically dense milieu prevailed on our planet..!!

The egoistic mind (producer of low vibrational states) was therefore strong in these times and shaped the lives of many people. Dictators ruled over our planet, minorities were oppressed, people were full of fear, weak-willed and you could really feel the general dullness/ignorance.

With the help of disinformation and lies (low vibrational frequencies) we humans are kept in an ignorant daze..!!

The truth about the human origin, about our true ancestors and above all about our own creative abilities (thought = cause of every effect - with the help of our thoughts we create our own reality) was deliberately withheld from us in order to ensure that we humans never break out of our energetically dense daze (energetically dense daze = system created by the elites = matrix = construct, consisting of lower vibrational frequencies - lies, half-truths, propaganda, disinformation), and not even question it, but rather see it as a necessity in life, as an important part of “civilized” earthly life, if you will.

We are in the beginnings of a global revolution


Now it is the year 2017 and the vibrational circumstances have changed enormously. In recent years (especially since 2012), humanity has repeatedly experienced cosmic radiation of the highest intensity. Because of this, our planet experienced a continuous increase in its own vibration frequency. This permanent increase in frequency increased the frequency of the collective state of consciousness. As a result, more people came into contact with spiritual content. In exactly the same way, more and more people are dealing with real global events. Political intrigues, media war propaganda, economic corruption (financial elite), industrial machinations (for example the suppression of groundbreaking cures - cancer, etc.) were again recognized by many people. Due to this circumstance, various peace demonstrations/vigils have emerged in recent years in which targeted education was carried out. People who advocated for global peace and denounced the current intellectual oppression. Ultimately, however, this was only a consistent consequence of the currently prevailing increase in vibration. This massive increase in frequency provides more space for all thoughts and actions that, at their core, have a high vibration frequency. Actions that are a result of the egoistic mind are being curbed more and more and will hardly have any presence in a few years.

Lies, half-truths and disinformation can no longer freely infect the minds of many people!!

Humanity once again sheds its EGO mind and gains a strong soul connection (soul - true self - high vibration mind - producer of high vibration frequencies). Increasing the planetary vibrational frequency also makes us feel as if time is passing faster and, apart from this, our own manifestation potential increases. Lies, half-truths, injustice, grievances, etc. are therefore uncovered much more quickly or come to light much more quickly. Energetic density is hardly offered anymore.

Cosmic change brings all traumas to the surface!!

However, the current time is in no way peaceful. The spiritual upheaval forces people to deal with their own inner traumas and fears in an autodidactic way. Only when we manage to recognize these sustainable patterns will we be able to consistently create a positive mental spectrum or, better said, be able to create a high-frequency basis.

The time of direct manifestation begins

inner-healingUltimately, this process is unstoppable and extremely important, because the transition into the 5th dimension (transition into a new world, into a harmonious, high-frequency world) requires this drastic change. An adjustment of our own vibration frequency therefore takes place. We humans adapt our own vibration frequency to that of the earth. In this adaptation, people's negative sides are brought to light in order to be recognized and transformed. That's why there are currently so many terrorist acts in the world. The financial elite knows exactly about this planetary vibrational frequency increase and is therefore trying to contain it on all levels of existence. On the one hand with Haarp, chemtrails, vaccinations, chemical additives in our food and on the other hand through the targeted distribution of disinformation and, above all, fears. All of the terrorist attacks are therefore not the result of chance, but rather deliberately produced crimes, the true causes of which are cleverly concealed by our politicians. Firstly, the population is put into panic and secondly, hatred is stirred up, hatred towards people who live differently, which is ultimately abused by our politicians. Apart from that, the knowledge of our true origins, the knowledge of true military actions, is exposed to ridicule by conditioning the subconscious of the masses in various ways (keyword conspiracy theorists - term from psychological warfare). Nevertheless, to take up the core of this article again, ultimately the current high vibrational environment means that we humans find ourselves in a huge spiritual awakening.

Due to the high vibration frequency, wishes can be manifested faster this year!!

In this regard, high-frequency thoughts and actions are given more space. Your own spiritual connection intensifies and as a result your heart's desires gain more importance. This year in particular, it will be much easier to realize your own heart's desires. What dreams and desires do you have in your life? Is there anything you still want to achieve in your life, a wish that makes your soul glow, or are there even circumstances that are currently preventing you from realizing these wishes.

Use the high planetary vibration frequency and create a life according to your desires..!!

Separate yourself from old karmic baggage and, above all, from situations and life circumstances that stand in the way of developing your mental potential. Now this year we all have the opportunity to make use of the powerful power of manifestation, especially when it comes to our own spiritual desires. For this reason, we should use the manifestation potential that currently exists in order to be able to create a life according to our own ideas again. A life in which our inner spiritual balance inspires the world. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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