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The well-known Greek physician Hippocrates once said: Your food shall be your medicine, and your medicine shall be your food. With this quote, he hit the nail on the head and made it clear that we humans basically do not need modern medicine (only to a limited extent) to free ourselves from diseases, but that we instead can heal with a natural diet alone.

Your food should be your medicine

sproutsIn this context, it should no longer be a secret that you can effectively combat almost any disease with the help of a natural diet. Admittedly, not every illness can be cured with a natural/alkaline-excess diet, because our own spirit also influences our health and is crucial for maintaining our health. Diseases are not born in our bodies, but always first in our minds. A person who is seriously ill is therefore very likely to suffer from a lack of mental balance. His own mind/body/spirit system is not in balance, which not only creates a lack of self-love, but also promotes the development and maintenance of illness. Most often, traumas (whether early childhood traumas or even traumas in adulthood), internal conflicts, mental inconsistencies, self-imposed blockages/dependencies, negatively formative life events (that one cannot come to terms with) and other disharmonious circumstances lead to us becoming ill (everyone Illness shows us that something is wrong in our lives, that we are not mentally balanced, that we are not living in harmony with ourselves). Nevertheless, a natural diet can work wonders here too and definitely ensure that our own mind comes into greater balance.

The main cause of the development and maintenance of an illness always lies in our mind or in an unbalanced mental state. Ultimately, this weakens our body, especially our immune system, damages our cell environment and promotes the manifestation of an illness..!!

Instead of constantly exposing your own mind and body to chronic poisoning through an unnatural diet, you can find relief and cleanse your own body. In this regard, there are countless foods that are very beneficial for our own bodies and one of them that has been receiving more and more attention lately are sprouts or seedlings.

The special effects of sprouts

The special effects of sproutsIn this regard, sprouts are one of the foods that, like various superfoods, have an extremely high density of vital substances. The "young plants" therefore have an abundance of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, secondary plant substances and are a perfect source of food, especially in an alkaline diet. It is not for nothing that sprouts are often referred to as a miracle cure for countless civilization diseases, which is true on the one hand, at least then if the rest of the diet is correct. Another special feature of the sprouts is that you can grow and harvest them yourself within a very short time, i.e. within a few days. All you need is appropriate seeds/sprout (which is very inexpensive and can also be stored for a long time), for example sprout from alfalfa, broccoli, peas, lentils, radishes or even mung beans (the selection is very large), a germination jar or germination jars (a small bowl is also possible, although germination jars are highly recommended for breeding) and water. First of all, you should wash the germination material thoroughly with water; a sieve is recommended for this. Then add about a tablespoon of germination material to a germination jar and cover it with twice the amount of water. Depending on the type, the seeds are then left to soak for up to 9 hours; for buckwheat, for example, half an hour is sufficient. After soaking, pour off the water and sort out the non-soaked seeds and especially empty seed coats, simply to avoid rot (an important step). Then there is a step that really illustrates the benefits of sprouting jars: you put the swollen seeds back into the jar and turn it upside down, preferably so that it is in an inclined position on a plate. This means that the excess water flows out through the sieve of the germination glass and prevents any rotting process.

Sprouts are wonderful for a natural/base-excess diet and can enrich it greatly. Due to their abundance of vital substances, they are highly recommended, especially for your own mind/body/spirit system..!!

In this context, the sprouts need air and moisture to germinate, but they should under no circumstances float or lie in water. Last but not least, depending on the type (instructions/recommendations can usually be found on the product packaging), you should rinse the sprouts well with fresh water two to three times a day. Depending on the type of sprouts, you can finally harvest and enjoy them after 2-9 days. If the sprouts remain in the germination jar for too long, they will develop green leaves and mature into small plants. But that wouldn't be really bad, because these small plants are also very nutritious and can be eaten without any concerns. Ultimately, within a few days and, above all, with little effort, you can “grow” a food that is very rich in nutrients and that is not only very edible, but can also greatly enrich a natural diet. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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