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We humans are currently in an age in which our civilization, including the planet and solar system, is changing from an energetically dense to an energetically light frequency. This age is also often referred to as the newly beginning platonic year or the Age of Aquarius. Basically, everything you can imagine consists of energetic states vibrating at an individual frequency. There are energetically dense and light oscillation states (+ fields/- fields). In the past the humanity phases of strong energetic density. But now this phase ends thanks to the rotation of the solar system in conjunction with the solar system's own orbit around the Pleiades. Through this orbit, our solar system slowly but surely enters an energetically light area of ​​the galaxy, which leads to a tremendous increase in frequency.

The inevitable spiritual advancement

solar systemIt takes our solar system almost 26000 years to orbit the Pleiades (the Pleiades are an open star cluster, an inner part of the galactic photon ring). During this orbit, our entire solar system fully enters the high-frequency photon ring. The entire solar system then moves through an energetically light area of ​​our galaxy and experiences a massive energetic increase. During this time, the planet, along with all of the creatures living on it, experiences a consequent rise in its own vibrational frequency. People are starting to question life again and are thus gaining an ever more constant connection to their spiritual mind. In doing so, the human being achieves an increasingly energetically lighter state and learns autodidactically to create a harmonious and peaceful reality. This process is unavoidable, all people are affected by this change. No being can escape this omnipresent power. During this time one also speaks, above all in connection with the light body process, of descending spiritual and mental parts. With the lightbody process means a process that leads to the fact that we humans train our own light body (Merkaba) again by increasing our own vibration level.

The process of spiritual awakening begins with questioning one's own circumstances..!!

The process describes the psychological and physical change of each individual person. The process begins with questioning one's own life and ends with the perfect development of one's own light body. Man is evolving into a multidimensional being and, thanks to this process, will regain his own cosmic, sensitive skills consciously. During this time one also often speaks of spiritual and mental parts that descend into people's consciousness. But what exactly is meant by descending spiritual and mental parts?

Spiritual and mental parts

sensitivity increaseIn recent years I have dealt very intensively with the light body process. In the beginning it was very difficult for me to interpret the individual steps or the sentences and phrases correctly. Over time, however, I was able to expand my consciousness and at some point I gained a deeper understanding of this process. The same also applies to the spiritual and mental parts. At first I didn't know what that meant, but at some point it was like the scales fell from my eyes. Literally translated, spirituality means spirituality/spiritual/spirit and spirituality or spirit in turn means the interaction of consciousness and subconscious. Descending spiritual parts mean spiritual knowledge that arises from the flow of space-timeless, immaterial creation and is integrated into our consciousness. Self-knowledge that you gain and that has a strong impact on your understanding of life. Usually this is higher knowledge that becomes part of us at certain moments in life. If you suddenly get the intuition or you suddenly become aware that you are the creator of your own omnipresent reality, then you could speak of a descending spiritual part in this context. Higher knowledge that comes from the energetic cosmos and is reintegrated into a person's consciousness. Soul parts in turn mean aspects of the soul that descend back into human existence. The soul is the energetically light aspect of every human being. Every being has a soul and thanks to this, every human being has a certain amount of sensitivity/humanity. The stronger the connection to the soul is, or the stronger one acts from the spiritual mind and identifies with it, the more pronounced one's own sensitive abilities become. For example, if someone gets the intuition overnight that he should protect nature instead of trampling on it, then one could speak of a descent of the soul in this context, because someone who acts completely from the spiritual mind would never be the harm nature.

In this sense, parts of the soul are split parts of the soul, which are reintegrated into human existence from time to time..!!

If someone suddenly gets the inspiration to stop judging other people's lives, then this realization can only be traced back to an aspect of the soul that has manifested/integrated itself again in one's own reality. An aspect of the soul that slumbered in secret for a long period of time and is now reaching/shaping one's own consciousness again. An energetically light aspect that regains presence in a person's reality. Of course, as a rule, not all parts of the soul descend overnight. If that were the case, then your own mind would be massively overwhelmed. He would no longer understand himself due to a stimulus, thought and emotion overload.

Each person experiences the spiritual process of awakening in an individual way..!!

For this reason, one usually only gradually acquires various insights and more pronounced empathic skills. Gradually, different mental and spiritual parts descend in the light body process, which increasingly expand our understanding of life and raise our own vibration frequency. Every person experiences different spiritual and mental descents in an individual way. During this time, everyone expands their own consciousness, whether consciously or unconsciously, and it is up to us how we deal with this burgeoning knowledge. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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