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A few years ago, on December 21, 2012 to be precise, a massive spiritual change or a real quantum leap into awakening was initiated due to very special cosmic circumstances (keywords: synchronization, Pleiades, galactic pulse), which ultimately led to that we humans gradually experienced an increase in our own vibrational frequency. In this context, this increase in vibration frequency also led to a further development of the collective state of consciousness (this further development is of course far from complete and is needed a few more years until its completion), whereby more and more people became more sensitive overall, explored their own origins and, as a result, replaced their own inherited + conditioned worldviews/habits/beliefs with new ones.

Why so many people are sick these days

The True Religion of Peace - Open your mindAs far as this is concerned, a massive discovery of truth is taking place and we as humans are learning to legitimize clear, peaceful and, above all, unprejudiced ideas in our own minds. We simply become more spiritual overall and gradually shed our own EGO mind (in today's world, overactive, materially oriented 3D mind). At the same time, we are also learning to live in harmony with nature again, changing our own lifestyle and also our own diet. More and more people are becoming aware that you can cure any illness yourself (the path to health leads through the kitchen, not the pharmacy) by eating a completely alkaline + natural diet again (no illness can... exist in a basic + oxygen-rich cell environment, let alone arise). Due to the energetic density, or rather due to the system based on disinformation, we humans have simply forgotten how to eat naturally; instead, our way of life and our diet are completely destructive in nature. We consume countless processed products, fast food, sweets, soft drinks and countless other supposed “foods”, products that have been enriched with countless chemicals, additives and other artificial things. For this reason, we humans also poison ourselves every day, promote a permanent weakening of our own immune system due to such a diet, become increasingly unbalanced, sickly and possibly even more depressed.

Today's energetically dense world was deliberately designed so that we humans get sick from a wide variety of diseases. Not only is our mind poisoned or our state of consciousness consciously curbed, but we are also made/kept sick on a physical level, or rather we allow ourselves to be made sick (an unhealthy/unnatural lifestyle that is sold to us as normality..! !

I think it should give us a lot to think about that we live in a supposedly “modern world” in which countless people suffer from cancer or even diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, circulatory disorders, various respiratory diseases, Alzheimer's, or even again and again get sick with flu-like infections? Apart from all the mental illnesses that, according to studies from 2011, almost 40% of Europeans suffer from. How can it be that so many people today suffer from depression, compulsions or even anxiety disorders?

Depression due to an unnatural diet

Unhealthy LifestyleOf course, on the one hand, this is simply due to the fast-moving times, to our intellectually restrictive system, to a performance society in which we are trained to function exclusively. On the other hand, this is of course also related to a very judgmental and discrediting society, a people in which a lot of people simply legitimize judgments in their own mind and, as a result, people like to represent an opinion that is not their own conditioned and inherited world view, are exposed to ridicule. People who think differently or simply people whose reality/behaviors/thoughts do not correspond to the norm are simply excluded far too much, which is already happening in our schools. However, it must be mentioned at this point that the main reason why so many people are physically and mentally ill these days is simply related to a catastrophic diet. Aside from all the chemically contaminated foods (and various other substances: tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, etc.) that everyone consumes every day, this also has to do with the high consumption of meat or meat consumption in general.

The kidneys of an average meat eater have to work three times as hard as those of a vegetarian..!!

Animal proteins and fats as a whole are simply extremely harmful to our health, are responsible for the development of countless secondary diseases and offer us no benefit at all apart from temporary satiety.

Meat makes you sick

The True Religion of Peace - Open your mind

Of course, the food industry also carries out a lot of propaganda here, studies are falsified and our heads are brainwashed and conditioned by various media entities so that, firstly, we talk down our own meat consumption at all costs (we are addicted after meat, after the taste), secondly, vegetarians or even vegans like to laugh at them or portray them as sickly, thirdly, we perceive a vegan lifestyle as sustainable for our own health and fourthly, the reason for serious illnesses, even in the rarest of cases, is our own diet/lifestyle (Why did I get cancer? - Because you ate an unnatural diet and thus encouraged the development of cancer - Not an arbitrary whim of God). We humans just make ourselves sick and our meat consumption contributes to a large extent to this (apart from our own diet, illnesses always first arise in our own mind, a person who is subsequently sad or even anxious every day can be burdened own system constantly with heavy energies|||Daily meat consumption or even an unnatural diet can of course be the cause of such a negative spectrum of thoughts, or reinforce it). For example, meat also contains information of fear, death, pain and suffering, containing all the negative circumstances/frequencies that the animal had to endure in its life.

As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will also be battlefields." is a quote from the Russian thinker and writer Leo Tolstoy (1828 - 1910), with which he pointed out the cruelty, atrocities and animal cruelty that are taking place on an industrial scale today over 100 years ago take place behind closed doors, which would never happen if slaughterhouses had glass walls..!!

We then absorb all of this into our bodies when we consume it. In this context, even meat is catastrophic from a vibration perspective. It's nothing other than dead energy that we feed ourselves, severe conditions that only lower our own frequency and massively weaken our own mind/body/spirit system.

The true religion of peace

The True Religion of PeaceI mean look at the above picture with wits for example, look at it!! Here you see a bloody person hacking at a hung animal and we eat what was hung there (we support such scenarios every day with every purchase of meat.) But this only bothers most people to a limited extent, simply because they are so conditioned simply because they were familiarized with these images from an early age, so that it represents a certain normality for them (one becomes indifferent and does not realize how cruel and unnatural such practices are, that this is the murder of innocent living beings). we tolerate and legitimize in our own spirit). The killing of countless animals (daily murder), all the factory farming is part of the current energetically dense system, is normality for us, but a certain change is also taking place here due to the current spiritual awakening and fewer and fewer people can deal with such practices identify + change their own lifestyle again. For that matter, such a lifestyle also essentially embodies a true religion of peace, because as I said, with our own meat consumption we are simply supporting the murder of animals and this simply cannot be denied. Especially since it is extremely contradictory somewhere, you pretend to love animals, but in the same breath you eat animals - living beings that were kept + slaughtered in the most barbaric way or, better said, you eat something that you actually have in life State loves, you eat a dead living being.

The fact that more and more people are preferring a vegan/natural lifestyle is absolutely not a trend that will eventually decline, but rather it is a way of life that will reach more and more people - due to its countless benefits..!!

Of course, I don't want to denounce anyone here (judgments never get us anywhere anyway), especially since I myself lived out this contradiction for years. Nevertheless, it is simply becoming more and more important and, above all, inevitable that we humans begin to change our own lifestyle again in order to be able to, firstly, restore our own health, our own mental health and, above all, secondly, to be able to bring about a more peaceful planetary circumstance , a world where millions of innocent beings are not being downright murdered. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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