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Every single person is the creator of their own reality. Because of our thoughts, we are able to create a life according to our ideas. The thought is the basis of our existence and all actions. Everything that ever happened, every act committed, was first conceived before it was realized. Spirit/consciousness rules over matter and only spirit is capable of altering one's reality. In doing so, we not only influence and change our own reality with our thoughts, we also influence collective reality. Since we are connected to everything on an energetic level (everything in existence consists exclusively of space-timeless, energetic states that vibrate at frequencies), our consciousness is also part of the collective consciousness, the collective reality.

Influencing collective reality

Every person creates their own reality. Together, humanity creates a collective reality. This collective reality reflects the current level of consciousness of humanity. Everything that the masses believe in, of which everyone is completely convinced, always manifests itself as truth in collective reality. For example, a large proportion of people used to believe that the earth was flat. Because of this collective belief, this knowledge became an integral part of the collective consciousness. At some point it was discovered that the earth is a sphere.

Shaping collective realityThis realization immediately changed the existing collective reality. More and more people believed in this idea. This created a new or changed collective reality. The collective was now firmly convinced that the earth was a sphere. The collective idea of ​​a flat earth was thus ended. There are always people who massively influence collective reality due to new insights and attitudes. What you think and feel, your own attitudes and belief patterns flow directly into the collective reality, since you yourself are part of the collective reality and vice versa. The insights of an individual person therefore also flow into the collective consciousness and change it. Your own knowledge is then transferred to reality or the realities of other people. Most of the time they are people who are at a similar level of consciousness.

For example, if someone realizes that they are the creator of their own reality, then this thinking will reach the people who have dealt with this topic themselves or, more precisely, are dealing with it at this moment. Possibly also people who feel drawn to such topics. The more people gain this knowledge, the more strongly this thinking manifests itself in collective reality. The whole thing then triggers a chain reaction. More and more people then adopt this attitude and thereby influence the consciousness of other people. Simply realizing that one's own thinking influences collective reality actually influences collective reality. Apart from that, this aspect makes us very powerful beings because it is a unique ability to be able to change the collective with the help of our minds alone.

Thought energy: The fastest constant in the universe

The fastest constant in the universeThis fascinating process is made possible because of our thoughts. This happens because our thoughts are connected to everything. This allows our thoughts to reach everything and everyone. Our Thoughts move faster than light. This is because our thoughts are not limited by space or time. You can imagine anything at any time and any place.

Space-time does not have a limiting influence on our thoughts. Since thought reaches everything and everyone immediately and is even omnipresent due to its space-timeless structure, it is also the fastest constant in the universe. Nothing moves faster than thought. Because of this fact, our thoughts reach other people's realities without any detours. For this reason, it is also advisable to pay attention to your own mental state. If you think consistently negatively and sustainably, then this also has a negative impact on the thinking of other people.

That's why you should make sure as much as possible that you legitimize mostly positive thoughts in your own mind. This not only improves your own mental and physical constitution, but also has a positive effect on the collective consciousness. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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