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As mentioned several times in my articles, everything in existence consists of energetic states, which in turn have a corresponding frequency. In fact, everything in existence is spiritual in nature, in which case spirit is made up of energy and consequently vibrates at an individual frequency. Since a person's life is a product of his own mind, he also has an individual frequency state, which in turn is constantly changing.

Scale of consciousness

In doing so, we change our own frequency state in particular with the help of our own thoughts. In this context, our thoughts animated with emotions themselves have a corresponding frequency, which is why our thoughts are largely responsible for our own frequency state. Negative thoughts have a low frequency, here one also likes to speak of "heavy energies" (energetic density), which in turn have a very negative influence on our own organism.

Map of Consciousness

Map/Scale of Consciousness – by Dr. David Hawkins – Translated into German

Positive thoughts have a high frequency, which is why we like to talk about “light energies” here, i.e. states that have a positive influence on our own organism or on our entire mind/body/spirit system. Harmonious emotions and thoughts therefore also lead to a corresponding expansion of our own state of consciousness. Our consciousness really comes into its own in such frequency ranges and provides space in which we can thrive and grow (by the way, our consciousness is constantly expanding due to constant information and experience). Abundance, love and harmony can then become manifest in our reality. Negative thoughts, beliefs, convictions and worldviews in turn restrict our lives. The more negative thoughts/feelings we legitimize in our own mind, the more restricted, trapped, heavier and unhappier we feel. Ultimately, there are also various tables/images that have been prepared that represent different levels of consciousness or even the degree of consciousness. In the above section I have linked a well-known scale. This scale comes from the spiritual teacher Dr. David Hawkins and illustrates not only corresponding frequency values, but generally the degree of different states of consciousness.

Expansion means life, love is expansion. Love is therefore the only law of life. He who loves lives. – Swami Vivekananda..!!

A certain value is attributed to each sensation or state, which in turn can clarify the quality of our state of consciousness. In this context, the scale is examined in more detail in the following video linked below. The creator not only goes into the scale and the individual values, but he also addresses interesting phenomena, for example the collective influence of our frequency state (our thoughts and emotions flow into the collective state of consciousness and change/expand it) . A very interesting video that I can only recommend to you. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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You can find more information about the Scale of Consciousness here: http://de.spiritualwiki.org/Hawkins/Skala

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    • Alexandra 21. January 2020, 7: 45

      Thanks for the valuable contribution! Unfortunately, the video is no longer available... Do you remember who made it?

    Alexandra 21. January 2020, 7: 45

    Thanks for the valuable contribution! Unfortunately, the video is no longer available... Do you remember who made it?