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Self love

Self-love, a topic that more and more people are currently dealing with. One should not equate self-love with arrogance, egotism or even narcissism, the opposite is even the case. Self-love is essential for one's thriving, for realizing a state of consciousness from which a positive reality emerges. People who don't love themselves, have little self-confidence, burden their own physical body on a daily basis, create a negatively aligned mind and, as a result, only attract things into their own lives that are ultimately negative in nature.

The fatal consequences of a lack of self-love

Lack of self loveThe famous Indian philosopher Osho said the following: When you love yourself, you love those around you. If you hate yourself, you hate those around you. Your relationship with others is just a reflection of yourself. Osho was absolutely right with that quote. People who don't love themselves, or rather have little self-love, usually project their own dissatisfaction with themselves onto other people. Frustration arises, which one ultimately perceives in all external states. In this context, it is also important to understand that the outer world is merely a reflection of your own inner state. For example, when you are filled with hatred, you transfer that inner attitude, that inner hatred, onto your outer world. You start looking at life from a negative point of view and you develop a hatred of countless things, even hatred of life itself. But that hatred is only from yourself, it's a major indicator that with you Even something is wrong, that you hardly love yourself, have little self-love and possibly even have a very low emotional identification. One is dissatisfied with oneself, only sees the bad in many things and thus keeps oneself trapped in a low vibration. This in turn puts a strain on one's own psyche and one's own spiritual development comes to a standstill. Of course, you are constantly developing mentally and spiritually, but this process of further development can come to a standstill. People who don't love themselves simply block their own emotional development, feel bad every day and consequently radiate this inner dissatisfaction.

What you are, what you think, what you feel, what corresponds to your own convictions and beliefs, you radiate and then attract..!!

The eyes become duller, one's own shine disappears and other people recognize the lack of self-love in oneself. Ultimately, you always radiate what you think, what you feel and what you are. This is exactly how this lack of self-love often leads to blame. You may blame other people for your own dissatisfaction, fail to look inward, and only project your problems onto other people.

Unleash your potential and end your self-created suffering. Your mind created these discrepancies and only your mind can end these discrepancies..!!

Judgments arise and one's own soul is increasingly undermined. At the end of the day, however, you are always responsible for your own life. No other person is responsible for your situation, no other person is responsible for your suffering. As far as that is concerned, life as a whole is also a product of one's own mind, of one's own mental imagination. Everything that you have ever realized, every action, every life situation, every emotional state, arose exclusively from your own state of consciousness. For this reason it is important to become aware of this again. Understand that only you are responsible for your life situation and only you, with the help of your own mind, can change this situation again. It depends only on you and the power of your own thoughts. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

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