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Self-love is essential and an important part of a person's life. Without self-love we are permanently dissatisfied, cannot accept ourselves and repeatedly pass through valleys of suffering. It shouldn't be too difficult to love yourself, right? In today's world, the exact opposite is the case and many people suffer from a lack of self-love. The problem with this is that one does not associate one's own dissatisfaction or one's own unhappiness with a lack of self-love, but rather tries to solve one's own problems through external influences. You don't look for love and happiness within yourself, but rather outside, perhaps in another person (a future partner), or in material goods, money or even various luxury items.

An inner imbalance is always due to a lack of self-love

self-loveWhen I truly began to love myself, I freed myself from everything that wasn't healthy for me, from foods, people, things, situations and everything that kept dragging me down, away from myself. At first I called it healthy egoism, but today I know that this is self-love! This quote comes from British actor Charlie Chaplin and is absolutely true. Many people these days suffer from a lack of self-love. This usually manifests itself in a lack of self-acceptance or a lack of self-confidence. This is exactly how a lack of self-love has such an impact that you are usually massively overwhelmed by your own circumstances and are confronted with a daily inner imbalance. Your own female and male parts are not in balance and you usually live out one of these parts in an extreme way. If you don't love yourself, that will be reflected in your own perception. You often look at the outside world with a certain dissatisfaction, judge other people's lives, and could show envy or even be hateful. The same applies to people who are constantly sad and constantly feel sorry for themselves. Ultimately, this can only be attributed to a lack of self-love. For example, if a partner breaks up with you and you fall into deep depression and are sad for months and can't get out of this suffering, then this negative feeling can ultimately only be traced back to your lack of self-love.

Someone who loves themselves can deal with breakups much better..!!

If you loved yourself completely and were happy with your life, with your inner mental and emotional state, then such a separation would hardly burden you. On the contrary, you would be able to accept the circumstance, deal with it, come to terms with it and would be able to move forward in life without having to fall into a deep hole. By the way, many separations are initiated due to a partner's lack of self-love. The partner who doesn't love themselves will always be confronted with fear of loss or other internal conflicts, which will ultimately affect the other partner.

Jealousy is due to a lack of self-love..!!

Jealousy can also be traced back to this lack of self-love. You live in the constant fear of losing your partner to someone else, you feel unworthy, you have lower self-confidence and, due to your own lack of self-love, you fear the love that you only get through external influence (your partner). to be able to lose. Someone who loves and appreciates themselves wouldn't have this fear and would know very well that they would never lose anything because of their own self-love, since they are already whole in their reality anyway (you can't lose anything apart from what you have anyway). not heard).

Self-love attracts abundance and wealth

Self-love attracts abundance and wealthDo you know the people who seem to have everything coming to them? People who have a wonderful charisma easily attract abundance into their lives, be it wealth, love, happiness, life energy or other positive things. People with whom you have the feeling that they are simply something special, and whose charisma simply captivates you. What makes these people so fascinating in this context is not a secret trick or anything, but rather a lot more self-love that these people have rediscovered within themselves. The power of self-love in which they stand every day and from which they draw a positive reality makes them extremely attractive. These people also appear very attractive to other people and often have a magical attraction to the opposite sex. People who love themselves, are at peace with themselves and are happy about their lives also mentally resonate with abundance. Due to the law of resonance Energy always attracts energy of the same intensity. Someone who is in self-love radiates this deep connection to themselves, this self-love and then, like a magnet, attracts more positive things, or rather more love, into their own life. Ultimately, the universe always reacts to your own thoughts and feelings. The more positive your own mental spectrum is, the more you will continue to attract positive thoughts and positive circumstances into your life. Apart from that, self-loving people look at their external world from this perspective and always see the positive in situations, even if they are apparently negative in nature.

If you don't love yourself, you'll end up with illness in your life..!!

For these reasons, self-love is also the key to healing. No matter what suffering a person has in their life, be it psychological suffering/problems or physical suffering/illness, with the help of your own self-love you can manage to heal yourself completely. As soon as you manage to fully stand in your own self-love again, miracles will happen. Your own mental spectrum becomes completely positive again and because of this you attract a positive circumstance into your life again. At the same time, your own physical and psychological constitution improves.

Negative thoughts condense our subtle body and weaken our immune system..!!

At this point it should be said that the main cause of an illness always lies in a negative spectrum of thoughts. Negative thoughts are ultimately energetic states that have a low vibration frequency and energy that vibrates at low frequencies always condenses one's own energetic foundation. This effect then leads to the energy in our body no longer being able to flow freely, the result is a weakened immune system and an acidic cell environment, which in turn promotes illness. A lack of self-love can also always be traced back to a lack of connection to the spiritual mind. Simply put, the soul is responsible for generating positive thoughts. The expression of the egoistic mind is significantly more pronounced in people who lack self-love. This mind is responsible for the generation of negative thoughts, for the production of energetic density.

Self-love lets you act from your spiritual mind

Self-love is essentialFor example, if you are anxious, jealous, sad, suffering, angry, judging, etc. then at that moment you are acting out of your egoistic mind, suppressing your true self, your soul nature, and thereby feeling increasingly worse and distancing yourself from it of your inner self-love. However, someone who is in the power of their self-love acts increasingly from their spiritual understanding, depending on the degree of self-love. In addition, this person feels connected to their environment and does not experience a feeling of psychological separation or even a feeling of mental isolation. Here I would also like to point out that your own emotional problems should always remind you that you have distanced yourself from your own divine self. Basically, every living being is an expression of a divine convergence, an expression of an intelligent primal reason or a fascinating expression of an overarching consciousness and at the end of the day represents a unique universe. The more you distance yourself from your true self, from your self-love the less you recognize this divine expression in your existence, the less you are aware of it.

Every person has the potential to develop self-love..!!

For this reason, self-love is essential in order to be able to activate your own self-healing powers again and, above all, to be able to restore inner balance. Never forget that this potential is deeply anchored in your human shell and that you can develop this potential at any time due to your creative mental basis. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life of self-love.

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