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Every single person has the potential to heal themselves completely. Hidden self-healing powers slumber deep inside every human being, just waiting to be lived by us again. There is no one who does not have these self-healing powers. Thanks to our consciousness and the resulting thought processes, every person has the power to shape their own life as they wish and every person has it hence the power to heal itself. In the following article I will explain how you can use this power and why your own self-healing powers are only made possible by your thoughts.

The power of your own mind

astral travelAll material and immaterial states are ultimately only a result of consciousness, because everything in existence arises from consciousness and the resulting thought processes. Thoughts are therefore the basis of all life. Nothing can arise without thought, let alone be realized. There is nothing that does not arise out of thoughts or consciousness. At the end of the day, every action taken is a mental result. When I go for a walk, I only do so because of my mental imagination. You imagine the corresponding scenario and then let it become physically existent by committing the action. The same applies to this article, the individual sentences and words that I have immortalized here. This article was created exactly like that out of my mental imagination. I imagined every single sentence in my head before I typed it out. In the same way, you are reading the article just because of your awareness. This would not be possible without consciousness and thoughts, then you could not imagine anything and commit no actions (consciousness and thoughts are space-timeless, so you can also imagine what you want without being limited in your own imagination). Consciousness is also responsible for the fact that we humans are creators of our own reality.

The thoughts are mainly responsible for the development of one's own self-healing powers..!!

Every human being has their own consciousness, their own thoughts, their own reality, their own physical body and a completely individual and unique presence. Ultimately, this is also a reason why we humans always have the feeling that life would revolve around us. This feeling is entirely due to the creation of one's reality. Since everything arises from thoughts and thoughts represent the basis of all life, thoughts are also primarily responsible for the development of one's own self-healing powers. Everything depends on one's attitude and the quality of one's thoughts.

You attract into your life what you mentally resonate with..!!

For example, if you feel bad and tell yourself that you are sick or will get sick, then this could also happen. One then directs one's own consciousness not to thoughts of healing, but to thoughts of illness, whereby the illness can appear on a material level (the illness is born on an immaterial, mental level and is transferred to the material organism over time). .

The universe always responds to your own mental resonance

The universe always responds to your own mental resonanceAccordingly, the universe also reacts to its own ideas and, if necessary, allows these thoughts of the disease to become reality (one reason why placebos work, you create an effect by firmly believing in an effect). Energy always attracts energy of the same intensity (law of resonance). When you are angry, as you focus on the anger, you draw more anger into your life. When you are in love, this feeling also increases the longer you think about the person in question. Hate breeds more hate and love breeds more love. It has always been so in the vastness of omnipresent creation. Like always attracts like. Thoughts always attract thoughts of the same quality into life. In order to penetrate a little deeper into the matter, it is advisable to understand energetic states. Everything in existence is made up of consciousness, thoughts that have the aspect of being made up of energetic states. Thoughts are made of energy, just like your entire reality is just a single energetic state.

Negativity that one legitimizes in one's mind condenses one's energetic foundation..!!

Energetic states can condense or decompress (this process can be traced back to left and right rotating vortex mechanisms, in humans these are also called chakras). An energetically dense state refers primarily to all perceptible negativity. As soon as a person legitimizes negativity in their own spirit, for example by living out hate, envy, jealousy, sadness, anger, greed, dissatisfaction, this causes a compression of their own energetic basis. The more negative trains of thought you create/act out yourself, the more disadvantageous it is on your own vibration level, the result is a weakened immune system that promotes diseases.

The fear of a corresponding illness ultimately creates the basis for a corresponding illness..!!

This is also another reason why people get sick. If you yourself assume that you could get sick or if you are constantly afraid of a corresponding illness, then this fear ultimately leads to the fact that you could get sick, since thoughts of illnesses have a negative origin and therefore have an energetically condensing influence on the body .

Energetically dense foods

Basic spiritual understandingIn exactly the same way, energetically dense foods can condense their own energetic basis. Energetically dense foods primarily mean “foods” that have been enriched/treated in some way with chemical additives. All ready meals, sweets, products containing aspartame and glutamate, food contaminated with pesticides, genetically modified food and the like have a low vibration level and therefore lower their own vibration frequency. Of course, one must also note here that one only consumes these foods because of one's own thoughts about these foods. In the end it all comes down to the quality of your thoughts. In order to activate your own self-healing powers, it is therefore advantageous if you decompress your own energetic state with the help of positive thoughts. Positivity of any kind (joy, love, caring, empathy, harmony, peace, etc.) makes our own reality shine brighter and is a blessing for our organism. A person who eats a completely natural diet, is fully aware of the knowledge of self-healing powers and only legitimizes positive thoughts in his own mind, can hardly ever get sick. Your own energetic state is massively de-densified, the physical body is cleansed.

Traumas from past lives, or from younger years, can lay the foundations for diseases..!!

In addition, of course, there is the dissolving of old karmic patterns. Some illnesses are always due to past incarnations. If you have suffered a strong trauma in one life and could not cleanse it, then it can happen that you take this mental pollution with you into the next life.

Gossip and judgments lower your own vibration frequency

cleaning-bodyIn exactly the same way, gossip and judgments can condense one's own energetic state and ensure that one's own self-healing powers are undermined. For example, how should one activate one's own self-healing powers if one doubts them or even smiles at them. Ultimately, judgments are energetically dense states generated by one's egoistic mind. Such thoughts make you ill and only keep you from your own self-healing power, as they condense your own energetic body. Likewise, we often worry about the future or feel guilty about past events. If you are caught in these patterns, then it hinders the development of your own self-healing powers, because you can no longer manage to live in the here and now. One no longer acts out of current patterns, but feels bad about something that doesn't exist at the current level. But for your own mental and physical constitution, it is very beneficial if you manage to live completely in the now again. When you do that again, you also realize that in the present moment everything should be exactly as it is now, that everything in your life is correct. It is therefore very healthy to reconnect with the source of the present, to act out of it, to become active. This is ultimately the key to being able to feel joie de vivre again, if you manage to live in the here and now again and let all fears be nipped in the bud by the power of the present.

Do not judge the world of thoughts of another person, but deal with them impartially..!!

That's why I always say that you shouldn't condemn or smile at my words, but instead deal with them without prejudice. Do not believe what I say or what someone else claims, but question what someone says and deal with it impartially. This is the only way to achieve an unprejudiced spirit that allows you to look at life from completely new perspectives. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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