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Every person has the potential for self-healing. There is no illness or suffering that you cannot cure yourself. In the same way, there are no blockages that cannot be solved. With the help of our own mind (the complex interaction of consciousness and subconscious) we create our own reality, we can self-actualize based on our own thoughts, we can determine the further course of our own lives and, above all, we can choose for ourselves which actions we want to take in the future (or present, everything takes place in the present, that's exactly how things become, which you will experience in the future also take place in the present) will commit and which will not.

Clear your blockages and impurities

Clear your blockages and impuritiesSince our entire life is ultimately just a product of our own mind (everything you have ever done or even created, what you have eaten or experienced, for example, first existed as a thought in your own mind), every illness is also just a result of our own mind, or rather a result of our own imbalanced mental state. The mind or our consciousness is therefore the instance in which diseases are always born first and not first in our body. As a rule, one also likes to speak here of so-called energetic blockages, energetic pollution that can be traced back to various mental problems. A lot of stress, for example, overloads our own mind in the long run, which then leads to blockages in our own energetic body. Our meridians (channels, pathways in which our life energy flows and is transported) "block" as a result, no longer function optimally and then cause our own energetic flow to stagnate. This in turn affects the functioning of our own chakra system.

All negative thoughts that we legitimize in our own mind over a longer period of time overload our own subtle body..!!

Our chakras (subtle energy vortices/centers) are then slowed down in their natural spin and can no longer supply the corresponding physical areas with sufficient life energy. Our energetic body then shifts this increasing load onto our own physical body, which then leads to various problems on a physical level. On the one hand, our immune system is weakened, which promotes the development of diseases.

The dangers of mental overload

On the other hand, our physical body then experiences damage to its own cell environment. Our cells begin to "acidify", can no longer be optimally supplied with nutrients/oxygen and then, due to their limitations, promote the development of diseases (already mentioned countless times, but I can only emphasize it again and again: No disease can exist in a basic and oxygen-rich cell environment, let alone arise. Ultimately, even our own DNA suffers from all the stress and is severely damaged in the long run. Seen in this way, our entire physical balance gets out of joint and then poses an increasing danger to our own health Our inner spiritual imbalance is then transferred to the outer material world, to our own body (like inside, like outside: universal principle).We can only undo this process by looking at the reason for our own stress again Recognize and eliminate If we recognize the trigger or rather our own stress trigger, dissolve it, then allow ourselves more rest and become more balanced, then this would improve our own energetic constitution again in the case described. However, stress is only one factor that can lead to an overload of our own energetic body.

Early childhood trauma, karmic baggage, inner conflicts and mental blockages, which we may have been carrying around with us for countless years, always overload our own mind..!!

Other causes would be, for example, trauma or negative thoughts anchored in the subconscious, which repeatedly reach our own day-consciousness and put us in a negative state of consciousness. If we carry around karmic baggage with us, often still looking back on past events from which we derive a great deal of suffering, then in the long run this overloads our own energetic body, our own mind in the same way.

Self-healing by cleansing your own energetic body

Self-healing by cleansing your own energetic bodyAgain and again we suffer from mental conflicts - traced back to earlier life situations with which we have not yet been able to come to an end, and thus permanently create a low vibrational environment. In this way we prevent ourselves from creating a positive space and consistently encourage space for negative thoughts + feelings to thrive. On the other hand, this could also have something to do with anxiety or even fear, fear of the future, of the unknown, of what could still come. We don't manage to live in the here and now and keep ourselves permanently trapped in a negative mental scenario, a scenario that doesn't even exist at the current level. We are then afraid of something that basically hasn't happened yet and consequently doesn't exist, but is only present in our own world of thoughts as a negative sensation. This karmic ballast, which some people carry around with them for years, can even be responsible for the development of serious illnesses such as cancer. Apart from an alkaline/natural/energetically “light” diet (high-vibration or energetically light foods that have a high content of life energy are essential for a functioning energetic flow), it is then absolutely necessary to restore our own health, explore your own mental problems and blockages. It is then very important to find out the reason for your own mental overload and to eliminate it. For example, if a person cannot let go of certain past conflicts and is constantly suffering from these past situations, then it is important to find out again how to let go of this conflict, how to end it.

Past negative conflicts, with which we have not been able to settle so far, are deeply anchored in our own subconscious and subsequently reach our own day consciousness again and again..!!

It's no use ignoring the problem and repressing the whole negative mental construct, ultimately the problem is still present and will sooner or later get back into our own day-to-day consciousness. For this reason, it is then important to face our own fears, to talk about them, to actively deal with them and to gradually ensure that we can close with the corresponding problem. Of course, other people can also help you, but in the end only every person can dissolve their own mental blockages, because every person is the creator of their own reality and responsible for their own mental state, for their own situation in life. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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