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As I have often mentioned in my articles, every illness is merely a product of our own mind, our own state of consciousness. Since ultimately everything in existence is an expression of consciousness and apart from that we also have the creative power of consciousness, we can create diseases ourselves or free ourselves completely from diseases/stay healthy. In exactly the same way, we can also determine our further path in life ourselves, can shape our own destiny, are able to change our own reality and can also create life or, in destructive cases, destroy it.

Self-healing through balance

A life in balanceAs far as illnesses are concerned, they can always be traced back to a disturbed internal balance. A negatively oriented state of consciousness, which in turn creates a reality that is characterized by disharmonious conditions. Grief, fears, compulsions and negative thoughts/emotions in general also disrupt our own equilibrium, throw us off balance and subsequently promote the manifestation of various illnesses. Ultimately, we are exposed to constant negative stress, and as a result we do not have sufficient well-being and then simply create a physical state in which countless body functions are impaired. Our cells are damaged (too acidic cell environment/negative information), our DNA is negatively influenced and our immune system is permanently weakened (mental problems → negatively aligned mind→ lack of well-being → no balance → possibly resulting unnatural nutrition → acidic + oxygen-poor cell environment → weakened immune system → development/promotion of diseases), which in turn massively promotes the development of diseases. For this reason, early childhood traumas (including traumas later in life), karmic entanglements (self-imposed conflicts with other people) and other conflict-based conditions are poison for our own health. In this context, these problems are also stored in our own subconscious and then reach our own daily consciousness again and again.

Early childhood traumas, karmic baggage, internal conflicts and other mental blockages, which we may have legitimized in our own minds for countless years, repeatedly promote the development of illnesses..!!

In this regard, we are constantly reminded of our own lack of balance, our lack of divine connection and, above all, our lack of self-love. All of our shadow parts reflect our own inner chaos, our own mental problems, and possibly even life events that we were unable to come to terms with and continue to cause suffering from.

The key to perfect health

Self-healing through balanceAll the conflicts that we cannot yet resolve, conflicts that repeatedly reach our daily consciousness, subsequently put a strain on our own mind/body/spirit system and promote illnesses, and in most cases even lead to the manifestation of various illnesses. Cancer, for example, always has 2 main causes, on the one hand it is an unnatural diet/lifestyle, on the other hand it is an internal conflict that firstly dominates our own mind and secondly throws us out of balance. Everything that is out of balance in this regard wants to be brought back into balance so that it can be in harmony with creation. It's like a hot cup of tea, the liquid adapts its temperature to that of the cup and the cup to that of the liquid, there is always a search for balance, a principle that can also be found everywhere in nature. At the same time, a balanced state of consciousness also promotes the ability to live fully in the here and now.

The present is an eternal moment that always existed, is and will be. We can bathe in the presence of this present at any time, in any place, instead of drawing negative energies from our own mental future + past..!!

In this way, you bathe in the eternal presence of the present and do not fall into a state in which you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by past conflicts/scenarios (feelings of guilt) or are afraid of a future that does not yet exist. Ultimately, health could be reduced to the following aspects: Love | Balance | Light | Naturalness | Freedom, these are the keys that open all doors to a healthy and vital life. A life that thrives instead of fading away. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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