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As I have often mentioned in my articles, we humans are subject We often have our own mental problems, i.e. we allow ourselves to be dominated by our own long-term behavior and thought processes, suffer from negative habits, and sometimes even from negative convictions and beliefs (for example: “I can't do it”, “I can't do that”, “I am nothing). worth”) and in the same way we allow ourselves to be controlled again and again by our own problems or even mental inconsistencies/fears. On the other hand, many people also have very little willpower and, as a result, get in their own way due to a lack of self-control.

The expression of one's own willpower

Self-mastery as the key to a higher state of consciousnessOf course, if a person has little willpower, then this is a state that does not need to be maintained permanently. The more we develop mentally and spiritually in this context, the more we jump beyond our own shadow, the more we overcome ourselves and, at the same time, free ourselves from self-imposed, negative habits or, better said, dependencies, the greater ours becomes own willpower. Willpower is therefore also a force whose expression ultimately depends entirely on us. In this context, every person can build up extremely strong willpower and become the master of their own mind. In this regard, developing one's own willpower is essential to fulfilling a completely free life. If we as humans repeatedly allow ourselves to be dominated by our own problems, if we struggle with dependencies/addictions, if we succumb to negative habits - all of which, by the way, are indications of a minimally developed willpower, then we deprive ourselves of a certain amount of our own Freedom.

The more addictions a person gets rid of or the more dependencies they free themselves from, the more their ability to view life from a free and, above all, clear state of consciousness develops..!!

Instead of being able to be completely free in certain moments or even being able to do what we want, or rather, being able to do what corresponds to our own heart's desires and is important for our own mental and physical well-being, we keep ourselves in Caught up in our own dependency/addiction and have to comply with it.

Self-mastery as the key to a higher state of consciousness

Self-mastery as the key to a higher state of consciousnessFor example, a smoker who is used to smoking a cigarette immediately after getting up (the same principle could also be applied to coffee) cannot get up in the morning completely satisfied if he did not have a cigarette. In such a case, the smoker would instead be annoyed, irritated, feel unbalanced and his thoughts would only revolve around the cigarette in question. In such a moment he would not be mentally free, could not live in the now (orientation towards a future scenario in which smoking is taking place), but he would only be trapped in his own mental state and thus restrict his own freedom. We therefore deprive ourselves of our own freedom and, above all, our own willpower through corresponding dependencies. Ultimately, this reduction in our own willpower and the restriction of our own freedom also puts a strain on our own psyche and, in the long term, this also promotes the development of illnesses (overloaded mind → stress → weakening of our immune system).

The release of our own dependencies or the release of our own shadow parts not only increases our own vibration frequency, but also changes the quality of our own state of consciousness. We become clearer, stronger-willed and much more sensitive..!!

Nevertheless, there is hardly a better feeling than having very strong willpower. When you feel strong again, overcome your own addictions, experience how your own willpower increases, when you can control yourself again (master over your own thoughts and feelings) and thereby also experience the feeling of mental clarity, then ask yourself one realizes that a corresponding spiritual state cannot be replaced by anything in the world.

Master of your own incarnation

Master of your own incarnationYou then feel significantly clearer, more balanced, more dynamic, fitter - you feel how your own senses are sharpened and you can act much better in all life situations. In exactly the same way, we humans develop a much more harmonious spectrum of thoughts. Because of the very strong willpower and your own freedom - which you were able to give yourself again - you feel better overall and are significantly happier. In this regard, overcoming our own dependencies and the resulting more harmonious spectrum of thoughts also leads us humans to come much closer to the so-called Christ consciousness, also known as the cosmic state of consciousness. This refers to an extremely high state of consciousness in which only harmonious thoughts and emotions find their place, i.e. a state of consciousness from which a reality emerges that is characterized by unconditional love, charity, independence, freedom, harmony and peace. A person who has manifested such a high state of consciousness would no longer be subject to any addictions/dependencies/shadow parts; on the contrary, such a state of consciousness requires complete purity. A pure heart, a very high level of moral and ethical development and a completely free spirit from which neither judgments and evaluations nor fears or restrictions arise. Such a person would then be a master of his own incarnation and would have overcome his own reincarnation cycle. He then no longer needs this cycle, simply because he would have overcome the game of duality.

In order to become the master of one's own incarnation, it is absolutely necessary to reach a very high ethical and high level of spiritual development, i.e. a state of consciousness that is characterized by purity and freedom instead of shadows and dependence..!!

Well, because of all these positive aspects that we develop again after overcoming our own shadow parts/dependencies, it is definitely very advisable that we follow the changing times again and overcome our own dependencies and sustainable habits in the same way. Ultimately, not only will we feel significantly more balanced, but we will also be able to massively raise and expand our own state of consciousness. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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