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energy surge

Compared to the last few weeks and months, we humans are currently in one of the most energetically intense phases. Our planet has been experiencing a continuous increase in energy since May and time seems to be moving faster than ever before. At the same time, we humans are currently developing massively and the planetary situation has never been as stormy as it is currently. The current phase (for a few weeks) is once again surpassing everything. The last few days + today in particular have been stormier than ever before. A portal day series began today and will not come to an end until September 15th. Apart from that, we also had a powerful full moon in the zodiac sign Pisces today.

Massive electromagnetic storms

Massive electromagnetic storms

Quelle: https://einfachemeditationen2.wordpress.com/2017/09/06/am-montag-3-m-flares-am-dienstag-4-m-flares-und-heute-der-x-ray-und-danach-y-ray-wann-hat-es-das-zuletzt-gegeben/

As I have just learned, these two fascinating events are accompanied by another very stormy aspect: strong electromagnetic storms (coronal mass ejections - solar flares) have been reaching us since Monday. These solar storms always have a very strong influence on the collective state of consciousness. In this way, they also expand our own minds, ensure a transformation of our own profound problems and therefore have a very inspiring effect on our own existence. Ultimately, these storms also weaken the earth's magnetic field, which also benefits the aforementioned aspects. This also explains why such an extremely strong energetic wave reached us today. On the one hand it is portal day, on the other hand a powerful full moon reached us today and then there was also the solar storm. I have never experienced such a powerful combination in this context. Otherwise, as far as the solar storms are concerned, they have been reaching us since Monday and have become significantly more intense day by day since then. It looks like this will continue tomorrow and we can expect an even bigger solar storm to reach us tomorrow. Personally, I have to say that I have never noticed the change in time, the change in the collective state of consciousness, so strongly. There's just so much happening that's just fantastic, simply indescribable.

Use the current energetic circumstances and create a life again in which you feel completely free, a life full of happiness and harmony..!!

So look forward to the coming days and welcome this energetic wave. View this wave as an opportunity for self-healing. It is truly a very special wave with the help of which you can now fully realize yourself. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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