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The earth is currently in transition. In this context, more and more people experience a spiritual awakening and deal with the big questions of life again, explore their own root cause again in an autodidactic way. A complex one cosmic cycle is responsible for this collective expansion of consciousness as far as that goes. Smaller and larger magnetic storms that have a direct impact on our psyche reach us again and again. First, these storms (flares - radiation storms that arise during a solar flare) are emitted by the sun of our solar system and reach our earth with dramatic speeds. They usually weaken the earth's magnetic field and influence our own mental + emotional state.

The change in the human psyche

On the other hand, such radiation storms also arise in our galactic central sun (core of our galaxy). Here one also likes to speak of a so-called galactic pulse. This is due to the fact that everything in existence has a consciousness, consists of consciousness and above all arises from consciousness (our life is a product of our own mental imagination, a immaterial projection of our own state of consciousnesss). In this context, our earth also has a consciousness. Our Earth is therefore alive and not a “dead rocky planet” (Why our earth is a living organism). This is exactly how our galaxy lives, breathes, pulses and evolves throughout. Frequently, or rather recently, since 2012, enormous amounts of cosmic rays have been sent to us from our central sun. Radiation that can be traced back to the galactic pulse. A galactic pulse takes 26.000 years in this respect. At the end of these 26.000 years, strong radiation storms always reach us in stages, shaking the core of the collective state of consciousness.

Radiation storms are important for the further development of the collective state of consciousness, but usually lead to conflicts and rigid arguments..!!

These radiation storms always cause turbulence. Basically, this radiation changes our own state of consciousness and favors a confrontation with our own inner child, with our shadow parts, negative thoughts and other inner discrepancies.

A frequency adjustment takes place

Solar storms (flares)Due to the current spiritual awakening and the associated increase in vibration of our planet, a frequency adjustment is taking place. The Earth is experiencing a drastic increase in its own vibration frequency. As a result, we humans are automatically forced to adapt to this high vibrational environment. In order to be able to do this, we gradually discard all the thoughts that keep our own vibrational level low. This means all thoughts that are based on low frequencies, so say low thoughts based on egoism. People who have an inner imbalance are therefore often subject to thoughts that are responsible for this imbalance (e.g. thoughts of loss, greed, jealousy, etc.). This process is important because only by dissolving/transforming your own lower thought processes will it be possible to act from a high state of consciousness in the long term. Well then, since April 21st we have had another strong solar storm, which has also made itself felt on all levels of existence.

Solar storms usually trigger unrest and conflict. This could be observed several times, especially in the last few days at the political level, since the West provoked a third world war in various ways..!!

Aside from the fact that crises are once again becoming increasingly apparent on the outside - the cabal's attempt to trigger World War III via the destabilization of North Korea or even the impending exercises for a nuclear attack on New York - I too have felt increased tiredness within me in the last few days. I somehow felt permanently depressed, had a bad headache and even noticed minor conflicts in my social environment. The solar storm will continue for a few more days as far as that is concerned and will make further internal inconsistencies clear to us in a direct way.

On April 26th we will reach the fourth new moon this year. The combination of the new moon and high vibration frequencies massively promotes the emergence of new paths in life..!!

Nevertheless, a new moon will reach us again in 2 days, which in combination with the current solar storm can work wonders. New moons can create and thrive. Now this process is favored and even intensified due to the high vibration frequency. For this reason we should be vigilant and use the high energies instead of rejecting them. Once again we have the chance to create a life that completely corresponds to our own ideas. Since April was a rather quiet month until the current solar storm, at least from an energetic point of view, we should not reject the emerging turbulence but should become much more aware of the fact that it creates new, important opportunities. A high is usually followed by a low, and low phases are followed by high phases, and one of these is coming up in the next few days/weeks. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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