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For a few days there have been strong energetic movements on our planet again, which even made it impossible to measure the current daily energies on some sides. On June 03.06rd and 04.06th in particular, strong energetic movements prevented a reliable assessment of the values. On the other hand, other site operators reported extremely high readings, a massive energetic increase that once again brings with it some changes. At the same time, another low pressure area reached us in the last few days, which is also related to the current readings. Storms are often generated artificially, especially when there is high cosmic radiation (Haarp) and sprayed more chemtrails to prevent the positive influences of the energetic movements. In this context, our weather has been manipulated and misused for various purposes for years.

Strong energetic movements

Strong energetic movementsNevertheless, none of these attempts lead to any significant results. Of course, the current quantum leap into awakening is being delayed a little and fewer people can benefit greatly from this incoming radiation at such moments, but that doesn't change the fact that more and more people are awakening, dealing with their own primal ground again, get a look behind the scenes and understand what is really going on here on our planet. One's own primal ground or one's own spirit is being researched more and more and in exactly the same way, many people are currently identifying with their own soul more and more strongly. In this context there are also strong energetic increases, one also likes to speak of an increase in the current, planetary Schumann resonance, always conducive to one's own mental and spiritual development. As a rule, these energies force us to increase our vibrations, which in turn can only take place if we recognize and resolve our own mental problems/blockages/traumas. It is only through the transformation of one's own lower parts that it becomes possible again to remain permanently in a high frequency, in a positively aligned state of consciousness. Otherwise, our own inner imbalance keeps preventing us from realizing a positive spectrum of thoughts. This is why these high frequencies are so important to our own thriving. As soon as these high frequencies reach our own state of consciousness, they indirectly ask us to catch up with this high resonance.

Due to the high incoming frequencies, our own mental discrepancies, which are deeply rooted in our own subconscious, are usually transported back into our day-consciousness. A special and above all important process..!!

As a result, internal discrepancies that are deeply rooted in our own subconscious are automatically transported back into our own day-consciousness. This process can even, as noted in my yesterday Article about frequency adjustments mentioned, can be very painful for some people, since their own burgeoning inner conflicts always represent a short-term burden. As far as I'm personally concerned, I'm very aware of the current changes and increases in frequency. So in the last few days I've had some very intensive conversations with my best friend, my girlfriend and my brother about our lives and above all about our own problems. These conversations even resulted in active action and we were again able to make some essential changes in our lives.

For the next few days we should pay more attention to our own bodies and prepare for the coming full moon, which will certainly bring enormous energetic potential with it..!!

I also think that the strong energetic movements will continue for a few more days, maybe they will even reach their peak in two days, on June 09th. On this day the sixth full moon of this year reaches us and in my experience full moons always come with a strong energetic movement. For this reason we should be vigilant in the coming days. We should pay more attention to our own body, our own psyche and take advantage of the incoming energies. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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