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This article ties directly to a previous article regarding the further development of one's own mindset (click here for the article: Create a new mindset - NOW) and is intended to draw attention to an important matter in particular. Well, in this context it should be said again in advance that we can make incredible leaps in the current time of spiritual awakening.

Be the energy you wish to experience

EventIn doing so, we can find our way back to ourselves much more strongly and as a result let a reality become manifest that completely corresponds to our truest ideas. On the day, however, it is necessary for a corresponding manifestation to leave one's own comfort zone, i.e. it is important that we overcome ourselves in order to be able to break all of our self-imposed limits (what can you imagine – to what extent are you still blocking yourself?). It is not for nothing that they say that real life begins behind your own comfort zone. Another quote that illustrates the magic involved is this: "If you want to experience something you have never experienced, then you must do something you have never done". Ultimately, this quote hits the nail on the head, because within our own comfort zone, you could also say within our daily routines and everyday structures (the deadlocked day-to-day consciousness – at least stuck when we let a reality come to life every day that is accompanied by unfulfillment), we constantly manifest a life circumstance that is in turn based on these everyday structures. So if you want to experience something completely new, you should start by overcoming yourself or setting new daily impulses in yourself in order to be able to create completely new structures as a result. Ultimately, it looks like this: Our entire life is a product of our own imagination. Everything we perceive from the outside ultimately represents a reflection of our own mental state. The entire outer world therefore represents our own inner state. Therefore, we always draw into our lives what we are and what we radiate, that which corresponds to our inner space. As a result, all people and just as well all living conditions represent a direct manifestation of our own inner world. And our own inner world is in turn shaped by all the things that we experience and experience in one day (our basic energy). This of course applies to all of our activities, whether nutrition (natural or unnatural), Movement (more or less), Work (with joy or without joy, according to our innermost desire or not) etc. Well, all of this characterizes the current version of ourselves and we therefore always manifest what corresponds to these daily experiences on the outside. Therefore, if we want to experience something completely different, then we must do something that we would otherwise never do, we must completely overcome ourselves and take a new direction.

Nothing changes until you change yourself and suddenly everything changes..!!

For example, when I started going to the forest every day and also collecting and drinking medicinal herbs every day (That too cost me something to overcome - previously I was afraid of it - lack), I subsequently drew other circumstances into my life that were based on this energy or resonated with it (Partnership, friendship, new possibilities regarding my work, etc. I manifested my new frequency/my new mental state on the outside, the new circumstances were the results of my changed inner state - apart from the fact that I was able to absorb the energies of the forest every day and also dealt with the information “Heil” on a daily basis. whereby one's own mind and cell environment were aligned with “salvation” or healing/holiness). The same was true for sporting activities that were directly related to breaking my own comfort zone. At the end of the day we should ask ourselves one thing: What do we want to experience on the outside?! For example, if you want to manifest a strong/fulfilling circumstance, then become strong/fulfilling yourself and do things that come with it. Leave something behind that has been making you suffer for a long time, for example (a program/mental construct) and keeps you from being strong go (let go/let go), which ends suffering and then miracles happen. We simply draw into our lives what we are and what we radiate, that which corresponds to our basic energy. The more we fill our inner space with joy and ease, the more we attract circumstances based on friendliness and ease into our lives. With this in mind friends, use the current strong energies and begin to manifest a completely new life based on abundance. By far the best conditions exist for this. Be the energy you wish to experience. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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