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As mentioned several times in my article, every person has an individual vibration frequency, which in turn can increase or decrease. A high vibration frequency is in turn due to a state of consciousness in which positive thoughts and emotions find their place or a state of consciousness from which a positive reality emerges. Low frequencies, in turn, arise in a negatively aligned state of consciousness, a mind in which negative thoughts and emotions are created. Hateful people are therefore permanently in a low vibration, loving people in turn in a high vibration. In this context, there are also a wide variety of ways to increase one's own vibration frequency and one of them is acting from our soul, opening our hearts.

expand your heart

HeartThe heart or the cordiality of a person, his emotional intelligence, his empathetic, loving, non-judgmental and above all kind-hearted intentions are ultimately crucial for staying in a high vibrational frequency for a long time. In this context, action + identification with our own soul is also primarily responsible for creating positive thoughts. For this reason, the soul also represents our empathetic, loving and high-vibrational aspect. A person who identifies with his own soul in this regard, is in a positive mood, has/creates harmonious thoughts and emotions, creates a high vibration environment. A person who in turn legitimizes low/negative thoughts in their own mind, i.e. hate, anger, fear, sadness, envy, jealousy, resentment, etc., creates low frequencies, which in turn lower the vibrational state of their own consciousness. For this reason, the soul is also essential for a person to thrive. If we act in this regard permanently from our own true being, our own soul, then we not only increase our own vibration frequency, not only create a reality that in turn is shaped by a positively aligned state of consciousness, but we also follow a universal one principle, the principle of harmony and balance.

The Universal Laws are irreversible laws affecting the life of every human being at all times..!!

This principle says that harmony and balance are 2 states that basically every living being strives for. In this context, the striving for balance can also be observed in all levels of existence, be it macro or microcosm. Even atoms strive for balance, for energetically stable states, and they do so, in which atoms, which do not have an atomic outer shell fully occupied with electrons, absorb/attract electrons from other atoms due to their attractive forces triggered by the positive core, as long as until the outer shell is full again.

The striving for balance, for harmonious, balanced states takes place everywhere, even in the atomic world this principle is very present..!!

The electrons are released again by atoms whose penultimate shell is fully occupied, making the penultimate, fully occupied shell the outermost shell (octet rule). A simple principle that illustrates that even in the atomic world there is give and take. In exactly the same way, liquids strive for balance. For example, if you fill a cup with hot water, the temperature of the water will adapt to that of the cup and vice versa.

The heart is the key to a positive mind

The heart chakraWell, since the soul represents our high-vibrational, empathic aspect and a loving, harmonious thought spectrum is primarily responsible for staying in a high vibrational frequency, the key to drastically increasing our own frequency is our own soul, or heart. A person's heart is also connected to our own heart chakra for that matter. In this context, every person also has 7 main chakras and a number of secondary chakras, which supply the corresponding physical areas with life energy and ensure an energetic flow. A person who, for example, has hardly any empathic abilities, who is often angry and tramples on nature, may even be judgmental and strongly denigrate other things that do not correspond to their own world view, very likely has a closed heart chakra. As a result, the corresponding physical area is no longer sufficiently supplied with life energy, which can ultimately lead to physical complaints in this area. For this reason, people who are constantly angry are also much more likely to have a heart attack than people who are not. The spin of the heart chakra slows down, the flow of energy comes to a standstill and the organism has to work harder to balance this out. At the same time, a closed heart chakra, which in turn can be traced back to one's own mental conflicts + lower moral views, would also cause a negative vibrational situation in this regard.

With strict respect for our individuality, we are all essentially the same and for this reason we should treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. So create love instead of hate..!!

For this reason, love, harmony, kindness, cordiality, empathy and charity are essential for staying in a high frequency. When everyone sees us again as one big family, our fellow human beings who treat nature and wildlife with respect and love, when we are good to each other again instead of discrediting other people, then we are much more able to stay in a high vibrational frequency.

The heart is the key to a happy and above all healthy life. For this reason, expand your heart and create a reality that not only you can benefit from..!!

For this reason, the heart is the most important factor for a healthy, harmonious and high-vibrating life. For this reason, let love back into your heart, into your reality, align your state of consciousness to the positive in life and create a life that is not only good for you, but also for your environment. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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