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Germany is currently experiencing a strong low-pressure area, which results in violent gusts of wind, which in some regions can even reach wind speeds of up to 90 km/h. In the last 2 days it started minimally. It became increasingly windy and you could feel that things were moving. In the meantime, the low-pressure system has almost completely reached us and will increase in intensity as the evening progresses. At the same time, an energetic high is reaching us, triggered by the dawn of a portal week, which in turn is due to the opening of a so-called star gate (inflowing impulses/high vibrational frequencies from our central sun/galactic core). Due to this increased cosmic radiation, we are now going through an energetic high that can have a massive impact on our own state of consciousness.

The energetic high

Cosmic energies - state of consciousness

For several years, we humans have been experiencing phases in which our own state of consciousness is flooded with vibration frequencies of the highest intensity. Ultimately, these phases serve our own spiritual awakening, because the incoming frequencies expand our consciousness, strengthen our own spiritual connection and, above all, raise our awareness 5D (5th dimension = elevated state of consciousness in which higher emotions and thoughts find their place). In this context, humanity is again beginning to identify more strongly with its own soul, rather than with its own materially oriented, egoistic mind (3D). Phases in which an increased cosmic radiation reaches us therefore always lead to our own mental wounds being revealed, to us becoming aware again of our own shadow parts (lower thoughts, behavior patterns, traumata) in order to be able to, on the basis of this, our spirit/ To be able to align the body/soul system with the new earth. As already mentioned, an adjustment of our vibration frequency takes place. Our state of consciousness, our entire own reality - which is ultimately a product of our own mental imagination, is vibrating with that of the Earth. The increased vibrational state of our planet is in turn a result of a complex one cosmic interplay.

The current high vibrational frequencies are affecting all existing planes of existence..!!

The current days are therefore worth their weight in gold and adapt our own vibrational frequency to the high-vibrating circumstance. This undertaking can be felt on all levels of existence. The weather often goes crazy at such times, which in turn can be wonderfully observed in the current low-pressure area. Otherwise, such energetic currents can burden our own physique. The result is increased tiredness, a feeling of weakness, headaches, dizziness and even minimal depressive moods can be the result of these high vibration frequencies.

We should not reject the incoming energies, but use them and now turn our gaze inward..!!

All the incoming energies accelerate our own ascension process, which does not leave our body untouched. For this reason, the coming days can be very demanding and demand a lot from us. For this reason it is advisable not to sacrifice too much energy in the coming days, in fact the opposite is the case. We should now direct our own gaze inward much more and deal with our own spiritual mind, with our own karmic patterns, shadow parts, heart desires and above all with our own spirit. Meditation with 432 hz music playing can be of great help to us in this endeavor. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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