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In various spiritual circles, protective techniques are often presented with which one can protect oneself from negative energies and influences. Various techniques are always recommended, for example the visualization of a protective shield, a golden ray that enters your own energetic body via the crown chakra, flows through all chakras and is intended to protect us from negative influences. In this context, there are countless techniques that are intended to provide protection. However, these protective techniques are often misunderstood, and the negative influences are also usually misunderstood. In this context, I am also writing this article because a young man contacted me some time ago who no longer dared to go out for fear that people and other unknown beings could make him sick with negative energies. For this reason, I decided to explain the topic in a little more detail. In the following article you will find out what these negative energies and so-called energy vampires are all about.

Basic knowledge about our existence

Everything is energyBefore I explicitly go into the influence and protection of these “negative energies”, I would like to explain again what this energy (everything is energy) is basically all about. Ultimately, it seems that all of existence is an expression of consciousness. All material and immaterial states are an expression/result of consciousness and the thought processes that arise from it. The origin of our life is consciousness, a gigantic, space-timeless pool of information in which an infinite number of thoughts are embedded (the immaterial universe). Consciousness, in turn, consists of energy that vibrates at a corresponding frequency. For this reason, one can also abstract and claim that everything in existence is energy, oscillation, movement, vibration, frequency or even information. This energy has already been mentioned in a wide variety of treatises, writings and ancient traditions. In Hindu teachings this primal energy is described as Prana, in Chinese emptiness in Daoism (teaching of the way) as Qi. Various tantric scriptures refer to this energy source as Kundalini.

The primal energy has been taken up in a wide variety of treatises and writings for thousands of years..!!

Other terms would be orgone, zero point energy, torus, akasha, ki, od, breath or ether. This frequency-oscillating energy exists everywhere. There are no empty spaces, even the spaces in our universe that appear empty + dark ultimately consist of energetic states (Dirac Sea). Albert Einstein also came to this realization in his time, who revised his originally postulated thesis about the dark spaces in the universe and corrected that these spaces represent an energetic sea - even if conservative science consciously rejected his theory.

The frequency at which energy vibrates can be increased or decreased using our consciousness..!!

Well then, this energy that oscillates at frequency has some special features and in terms of its state it can become denser - in which the frequency is lowered, or become lighter - in which the frequency is increased (+fields/-fields). Consciousness is primarily responsible for the reduction or increase of vibration frequencies. Negativity of any kind lowers vibration frequencies, positivity of any kind raises the frequency at which energetic states vibrate - so much for that.

What negative energies are really all about!!

The influence of negative energies

The negative energies (darkness/dark forces/darkness) therefore refer to energetic states that have a low vibration frequency. People here also like to talk about thoughts, actions and emotions that are negative in nature. For example, fears that one legitimizes in one's own mind have a low vibrational frequency and therefore lower our own vibrational state. Love, in turn, has a high vibration frequency, and consequently increases the frequency at which our own state of consciousness vibrates. The negative energies that we keep talking about therefore refer to all thoughts, actions and emotions that have negative origins. A person who is often angry, jealous, envious, greedy, judgmental, gossiping or even hateful creates negative energies - low vibrational frequencies - energetic density using their state of consciousness in such moments. The negative energies therefore do not refer to any negative forces that are sent to us completely randomly by other people, but on the one hand they refer to people who ultimately legitimize negativity in their own minds and carry it out into the world.

Places that fundamentally have a negative vibration frequency are only a result of people who have created these places using their low-vibration state of consciousness..!!

On the other hand, these negative energies also relate to low-vibration places, for example a war zone or even a nuclear power plant has a fundamentally negative charisma/atmosphere. In exactly the same way, these energies also relate to energetically dense foods, food that no longer has any naturalness, for example. Nevertheless, this article will be about the former aspect and that's where we come to the energy vampires.

What an Energy Vampire Really Is!!

Energy vampireUltimately, an energy vampire is not a dark entity that consciously acts somewhere hidden and tries to rob us of our energy - although, firstly, this could also be perfectly applied to the occultist financial elite and, secondly, there are also dark beings who try to infect our minds But that's a completely different story and has nothing to do with the usual energy vampires. An energy vampire is much more a person who, due to his negative attitude, for example his discrediting, denouncing or even judgmental attitude towards other people, creates negative energies and manages to make other people feel bad because of his negative range of thoughts. For example, people who constantly badmouth other people's lives or ideas are usually unconsciously trying to rob these people of their positive energy. A few years ago an older gentleman wrote on my site that people like me should be burned at the stake. At that moment an energetic attack takes place. The aim is unconsciously for me to get involved in this resonance game, to break out of my calm, out of my positive thoughts, to allow myself to be infected by negativity and thus, for example, to legitimize anger in my own mind.

An energy vampire is ultimately a person who, because of his condescending or negative nature, draws other people into a negative resonance game..!!  

Negativity of any kind, but lowers my own vibration frequency, reduces my own in such moments emotional quotient (EQ), therefore restricts my own mental and emotional abilities, weakens my immune system and therefore makes me sick. Another example would be the following: Imagine you live with your boyfriend/girlfriend and your partner suddenly becomes extremely toxic, angry, angry, raises his tone and tries to put you down because the kitchen is not tidy.

At the end of the day it depends on each person whether they want to engage in such a resonance game or not..!!

At that moment, whether consciously or unconsciously, the corresponding partner would tear you away from your inner peace and take on the role of the energy vampire. It then depends on you personally whether you get involved in this game, let yourself be robbed of your positive energy, get just as upset, or whether you don't let it influence you at all, continue to remain calm and harmonious and try to solve the whole thing peacefully . Or you can withdraw from the situation in a calm way and try everything to avoid getting involved in this resonance game in any way.

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