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All existence is an expression of consciousness. For this reason, one also likes to speak of an all-pervading, intelligent creative spirit, which firstly represents our own primal ground and secondly gives form to an energetic network (everything consists of spirit, spirit in turn consists of energy, energetic states that have a corresponding vibration frequency). . Likewise, a person's entire life is just a product of their own mind, a product of their own mental spectrum, their own mental imagination. The design of our own reality is also influenced by a significant factor: our own subconscious.

You are the programmer of your life

Reprogram your subconsciousIn this regard, the subconscious is even essential for the flourishing and, above all, the further development of a person, because our own subconscious contains countless beliefs, convictions, conditioned thought processes and ideas about life. Here we also like to talk about so-called programming, which is present in our subconscious and is partly responsible for many everyday behaviors, thought processes and emotional reactions. For this reason, our subconscious can also be viewed as a kind of complex computer whose software was written by us humans. Ultimately, our entire life is a result of our own thoughts and the actions that arise from them. Everything that ever happened in a person's life, everything that we ourselves created and realized, first rested in our own state of consciousness as a thought. Many of these thoughts that we realize every day, for example, be they positive or negative thoughts, which in turn result in positive or even negative behavior, can be traced back to our own programming. Smoking, for example, is the best example here. For many people, it is difficult to quit smoking every day.

There are countless programs anchored in our subconscious. Ultimately, this includes beliefs, beliefs, ideas about life, conditioned thought processes and everyday behavior..!!

Not just because nicotine is addictive, no, mainly because the act of smoking is stored/programmed as a habit in our own subconscious. The moment we started smoking daily, we laid the foundation for our own programming. Previously, our own subconscious was free from this compulsion. But by smoking every day, we have reprogrammed our own subconscious.

Rewrite your programs

Rewrite your programsHenceforth a new program existed in our own subconscious, the program of smoking. Ultimately, this program leads to our daily consciousness being confronted again and again with the thought of smoking. The same ultimately applies to our own beliefs and beliefs, which are stored/programmed in our own subconscious. For example, I used to be convinced that there was no God or that there was a divine existence. As soon as someone asked me about my opinion on the subject of God, my subconscious immediately transported my own beliefs about it into my conscious state. My program (The Belief) has been activated. At some point, however, after gaining countless self-knowledges about God, my opinion on the subject changed. I understood that there is a divine existence, that God, seen in this way, represents a gigantic, all-pervading consciousness, from which the entire existence arose - everything is therefore God or an expression of God (if you want a detailed explanation, I can only recommend this article: You are God, a mighty creator (expression of a divine ground). As a result, I reprogrammed my own subconscious. My previous belief, my old programming, was erased for this reason and a new belief, a new programming, was subsequently located in my own subconscious. From then on, every time I thought about God or someone asked me my opinion about God, my subconscious activated my new program, transporting my new conviction into my own state of consciousness. This principle can also be applied perfectly to smoking. A person who wants to stop smoking can do this by reprogramming their own subconscious over a longer period of time due to their renunciation.

You are the programmer of your own life and only you can shape the further course of your own life yourself..!!

And that's the beauty of life, we humans are the creators of our own lives. We humans are the programmers of our own subconscious and can choose for ourselves which programs we tolerate and, above all, how we design the programs in our own subconscious in the future. Again it just depends on ourselves and the use of our own mental faculties. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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