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When it comes to our health and, more importantly, our own well-being, having a healthy sleep pattern is of the utmost importance. It is only when we are asleep that our body really comes to rest, can regenerate and recharge our batteries for the coming day. Nevertheless, we live in a fast-moving and, above all, destructive time, tend to be self-destructive, overwhelm our own mind, our own body and, as a result, quickly lose our own sleep rhythm. For this reason, many people today suffer from chronic insomnia, lie awake in bed for hours and simply cannot fall asleep. Over time, a permanent lack of sleep develops, which in turn has fatal effects on our own physical and mental constitution.

Fall asleep quickly and easily

Fall asleep quickly and easilyAs a result, our own vibration frequency also experiences a permanent reduction, which in turn means that we become more tired, unfocused, demotivated and, above all, sicker from day to day. We condense our own energetic basis, slow down the spin of our chakras, disrupt our own energetic flow and then experience a weakening of our own immune system, which is also known to promote the development of diseases. Nevertheless, there are many ways to improve this. On the one hand, there are natural preparations that lead to us becoming more relaxed overall and being able to fall asleep better over time (for example taking valerian or drinking fresh chamomile tea - my preferred choice). On the other hand, there is another method that is becoming more and more popular, namely listening to 432Hz music or listening to 432Hz music that promotes a sleep rhythm. In this context, 432Hz means music, which in turn has a completely unique audio frequency, namely an audio frequency that has 432 up and down movements per second. This frequency, or rather this number of movements/vibrations per second, has a very special influence on our own health. This frequency is of a harmonic nature and consequently has a very calming, cleansing, harmonizing and healing-promoting effect. As far as that is concerned, only a few people knew about this music in the past. In the meantime, however, the situation has changed and more and more people are reporting about the special effects of this unique audio frequency.

432Hz music has become more and more popular in recent years due to its harmonizing effect. Music that has such an audio frequency exerts a healing influence on our own spirit..!!

For this reason, the Internet is now full of this music and you don't have to search long to find suitable pieces of music. In the same way, there is now 432Hz music that was specially developed for our own sleep rhythm. If you listen to these pieces of music before you go to bed with the room completely darkened (elimination of all artificial light sources) and then try to fall asleep, then such pieces of music can work wonders. In this context, I have also selected such a piece of music for you.

If you are struggling with sleeping problems, then music that features such a pitch could be just what you need. Just listen to go to sleep, darken the room completely and get involved..!!

This 432Hz music was specially developed for your own sleep and should definitely be listened to by all of you who are struggling with sleeping problems. Of course, it should also be said at this point that this music does not unfold its special effect on everyone. It depends on the extent to which you get involved and, above all, how receptive + sensitive you are in this regard. Still, it's worth a try and I highly recommend this music to anyone who has trouble sleeping. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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