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Is there a life after death? What happens when our physical shells disintegrate, so-called death occurs, and we enter a seemingly new world? Is there actually a previously unknown world that we will then pass through, or does our own existence end after death and we then enter a so-called nothingness, a supposed “place” where nothing exists/can exist anymore and our own Life completely loses meaning? Well, in this context I can reassure you because there is no death, at least it is something completely different than what most people would assume. Behind the supposed death there is a complex and fascinating world into which our soul fully enters after physical death.

Death – A change of frequency

This world - hereafterThe Tod in itself there is nothing at all, just as there is no so-called nothing in this sense, a place where nothing exists anymore and our lives have completely lost meaning. Ultimately, it looks like there is a beyond beyond our present world (the principle of polarity - everything has 2 poles, 2 sides, 2 levels/duality). The hereafter is of an immaterial nature, while this world is of a material nature (matter is energetic density, energy that vibrates at a low frequency). We humans go through this because of the reincarnation cycle both levels over and over again. This process serves our own psychological and spiritual development, a process that takes place over countless incarnations. You are born, grow up, get to know life, explore a dualistic world with the help of your own consciousness and strive completely subconsciously for complete spiritual development (particularly in the last few centuries, this striving was completely subconscious, but this situation has now changed due to the newly begun Age of Aquarius). This development or even the exaltation of one's own emotional quotient, gaining moral views, acting or identifying with one's own soul and, above all, developing a deep love for oneself, fellow human beings, nature and the animal world simply requires countless incarnations, countless lives.

Due to the reincarnation cycle, we are given the chance to develop ourselves mentally and spiritually from life to life..!!

You develop mentally and spiritually from life to life and at some point you arrive at your last incarnation. In this incarnation, in this life, one's own spiritual connection and one's own spiritual power (creative ability of consciousness) is fully developed. You then realize a massive increase in your own vibration frequency, which means you manage to overcome your own reincarnation cycle.

In order to become a master of one's own incarnation, it is imperative to create a completely inner mental, emotional and physical balance..!!

One has then become a master of one's own incarnation and will no longer be subject to physical death since one no longer needs the cycle of rebirth. You have then mastered the reincarnation cycle, broken it and overcome the physical decay/death/aging process.

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