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room harmonization

Everything lives, everything vibrates, everything exists, because everything fundamentally consists of energy, vibration, frequency and ultimately information. The root of our existence is of a spiritual nature, which is why everything is also an expression of spirit or consciousness. Consciousness, which in turn permeates the entire creation and is connected to everything, has the aforementioned properties, i.e. it consists of energy. Ultimately, therefore, everything has a corresponding charisma, just like everything we can imagine or even see, is alive, even if this seems difficult to see at some moments, especially for people whose spirit is still deeply anchored in the density is.

Everything is alive, everything exists and everything has a radiance

Space RadianceBut as in the big, so also in the small, as inside, so outside, we are connected to everything. Man himself, as a creative being, embodies this principle and therefore constantly resonates with circumstances that also correspond to his frequency (your self-image attracts). And since everything has an individual frequency expression at its core, we can resonate with everything in the same way, because as I said, everything is alive, everything exists and everything has an individual radiation. The same can also apply to places of residence, entire areas or even to one's own premises. In this context, the place or even the room you are in has an individual charisma. This charisma, like everything in existence, permanently exerts an influence on our own mind (and vice versa). One could therefore also say that we take in the soul of a room. And since we are often in our own premises, this influence is particularly strong. The surroundings in which you stay flow into your own mind and change its charisma accordingly (of course, conversely, the spaces around us are a direct expression of our own mind). For this reason, it is extremely inspiring when we often stay in spaces that are in turn harmonious in nature. Even small changes can completely change the appearance of a room. I've noticed the same thing quite often myself.

“The world is not as it is, but as we are, which is why we perceive corresponding places and spaces in a completely individual way. The closer we get to our own true divine nature, the more we feel comfortable in rooms and areas that are in turn permeated by a harmonious or natural basic radiation. 

For example, I used to have a trash can next to my bed. At some point, after I had cleared out and cleaned everything again, it occurred to me that the trash can had its own discordant aura and should not be placed in the place where we sleep (which the name already makes clear - similar to the term hospital, a house for the sick. garbage bucket, a bucket for garbage).

Raise the charisma of your own premises

Increase the radiation/frequency of your own premises

After I removed the trash can, the room looked completely different, basically it looked much more harmonious, more pleasant afterwards. The situation is similar with premises, which in turn are very dirty or even extremely untidy. You can say what you want about such chaos, but in the end it not only reflects your own inner chaos, but also brings with it enormous unrest. And this aspect can be related to countless things, because our entire facility has a corresponding frequency and radiates. The same applies to colors, light sources, background noise or even smells. The more unpleasant it smells in a room, for example, and there can be many reasons for this, the more disharmonious this affects your own mental state. Well, objects that embody a certain calm or harmony can make a significant difference. The flower of life would be worth mentioning here, for example, or even Orgonite, which, especially if they are beautifully constructed and therefore have a harmonious appearance, can have a very invigorating influence on a room, regardless of whether its construction is well thought out or not.

“The essence of each room is completely individual and also completely unique in terms of charisma. Due to the fact that everything is alive and has consciousness or a corresponding basic being, we can feel the soul of a room. It may seem totally abstract, but since everything is alive, we are able to resonate with everything as well. So if you listen, follow your impulses and trust your own intuition, you can establish contact with everything.”

orgone reactorsI have also placed some healing stones here in some places, to be precise amethyst, rose quartz and rock crystal, which is also very beautiful to look at and consequently gives me a positive feeling at the sight. On the other hand, I use different technologies to liven up the atmosphere in my premises. After all, countless electrosmog sources ensure that the energy in rooms can be strongly suppressed. Not just mobile phone radiation, WLAN radiation or even all other electromagnetically radiating devices (disharmonious electromagnetism), the television towers and general frequency masts placed everywhere in cities penetrate our four walls and accordingly influence the room energy. For example, I use Orgone reactors, i.e. strong frequencies and atmosphere revitalizers, which at the end of the day massively enhance the frequency surrounding us, even so much that even bees in the immediate vicinity appear more strongly again or even indoor plants thrive and grow much more magnificently. Ultimately, there are various ways to enhance the harmony of your own premises. The placement of many indoor plants also enlivens the field surrounding us immensely. Not only do we bring nature directly into our own home, but the air in the room is also improved. This can also be felt in a similar way when we live, for example, in a wooden house, ideally in a moon wooden house (which has very healing properties). Sleeping in a stone pine bed is also extremely relaxing and enhances the room climate, instead of metal beds, for example. At the end of the day, the most valuable thing you can do is to make your own premises as natural as possible or to upgrade them. Anyone who lets nature or even natural technologies move into their own four walls will soon experience a better quality of life. And the more comfortable we feel or the livelier the image we have of ourselves, the more harmonious the circumstances will be, which we manifest on the outside. We create ourselves. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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