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In the current overarching process of spiritual awakening, much of humanity, in fact all of humanity, is experiencing (even if everyone achieves their own individual progress here, as a spiritual being themselves, - different themes are illuminated for everyone, even if it always comes down to the same thing, less conflict/fear, more freedom/love) an essential aspect, which in turn could be called “heart opening”. There is therefore not only a quantum leap into awakening (spiritual awakening), but also a quantum leap into our own heart energy.

The potential of our heart energyThe potential of our heart energy

Of course, both go hand in hand, because the expansion of our spirit, yes, the expansion of our spirit towards light/high-frequency dimensions/areas automatically leads to a strengthening of our primal connection, i.e. a connection to our own divine core and this ultimately points to one state full of wisdom, light and above all love. Times when we let our own ability to love be suppressed (and here I am speaking of an unconditional love for ourselves) and have expanded our own minds in directions that have in turn been shaped by a wide variety of fears, more and more turn back as a result. As already mentioned, countless cosmic processes take place in the background, in which an extremely large number of initiations take place, through which we humans get back into our own heart energy. Our heart energy is also essential, yes, it is an intelligence that cannot be compared with anything and can completely liberate us humans. Our heart, which even acts as a dimensional gate (this does not only mean “journeys/empathies” in high spiritual states), is the key when it comes to our perfect healing and above all to our perfect divine strengthening (we are creation itself, gods, - the divine space in which everything is experienced/created).

New insights or aspects that we become aware of and that henceforth represent part of our inner truth - new beliefs and convictions, in turn represent an expansion of our mind in a new direction. Our mental state has changed, it is no more the same, we have entered a new dimension..!!

Since ultimately everything in existence is based on infinity, whether inside or outside, whether above or below (there are no borders) and as our mind can be expanded in infinite directions, we can also re-manifest a state of being based on that infinity, in fact the infinity of our own liberating heart energy.

The development of our heart energy is getting stronger

The development of our heart energy is getting strongerA corresponding version already exists, this only temporarily eludes human perception, but nevertheless represents a high-frequency version that we can unfold at any time, in any place, and above all experience permanently (a version based on love, wisdom, abundance, peace, harmony, independence, truth). And since a full unfolding of our own heart energy can ultimately make us completely free, yes, this unfolding is the key to a completely independent and joyful life, everything is done to prevent us from this unfolding (Expression in the material world, - a disinformation & unnatural system, in which our heart energy is/should be undermined). A fight for the heart energy of mankind has been taking place for thousands of years, but is coming to an incredible head in the current time and is also unstoppable, just like all associated processes, for example the conscious merging of dualitarian patterns, the connection of opposites, the expression, balance and consequent union of our feminine and masculine parts. And despite the chaotic circumstances on the outside and despite the fact that a corresponding divinity & heart energy is often not recognizable due to the precarious global situation, we should always keep in mind that an anchoring in our heart energy, i.e. a quantum leap into our hearts / divinity in the is in full swing. An awakening is taking place worldwide and those who fully surrender to this transformative circumstance can initiate fundamental changes at this time.

The most beautiful harmony is created by bringing opposites together. – Heraclitus..!!

We can manifest a version of ourselves that in turn creates healing on all planes of existence. At the end of the day, our being flows out into all of existence. We are not insignificant and small, but powerful creators who can make the world shine, especially with a high-frequency energy field based on our own heart energy. And when we have come this far, yes, when we have unfolded our own heart energy, then we automatically attract circumstances in which this heart energy will manifest itself (our deep love as a direct manifestation in the outside world). With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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