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portal days

The Maya were a previous high culture and understood life very well. They were fully aware of the intelligent ground of our existence and calculated one with their knowledge at that time cosmic cycle, which today is groundbreaking for the spiritual advancement of our civilization. For this reason, the Maya also predicted a new beginning of the age, which began on December 21, 2012. Of course, this event was made ridiculous by the mass media and an alleged end of the world was attributed to the ending or the newly beginning Mayan calendar. However, the Maya were a highly intelligent people and based on their complex universal knowledge, they also predicted so-called portal days, days on which the vibration or the cosmic radiation on our planet is particularly high.

Portal days are turbulent days that bring unresolved conflicts to light

Portal Days - raising our vibrational frequencyOn portal days, the spirit of each person is subject to cosmic influences that are of the highest intensity. Those high vibration frequencies flow through our energetic basis on such days and can bring inner unresolved conflicts to light. Because of this, these days are very exhausting, turbulent, and one might feel that even on such days one does not seem to be able to do anything. In exactly the same way, there is increased tiredness on such days, which is due to the processing of the incoming energies. Furthermore, concentration problems and a reduced willingness to perform can be the result of such days. It also happens on portal days that you have a significantly worse sleep, possibly feel an inner restlessness or even have significantly more intense dreams.

Portal days are used for your own mental and spiritual development..!!

But that doesn't mean that such days are a disadvantage, quite the contrary, these days serve the purpose of one's own spiritual development and the access to one's own inner world, to one's own 5-dimensional mind, the soul, is significantly greater. Therefore it is advisable to go into yourself on such days and deal with your own true self. Go deep into yourself and ask yourself if your life is correct, what makes you happy in your life and what not, what dreams you really want to realize and above all what prevents you from being able to manifest these dreams in your reality .

The reprogramming of your subconscious..!!

On days like this you can deal with your own primal fears, just like the subconscious is very receptive on portal days and can be reconfigured better than usual. Therefore it is also highly recommended to meditate on such days, to do channelings or to do transformational work in general.

Optimal conditions for transformation work..!!

In this context, transformation work means transforming old, sustainable programming that is deeply anchored in the subconscious of every human being. The next portal day will take place tomorrow (13.11.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX) and will be held again the following day by a super moon strengthened. Until the end of this year there will be more portal days, see below:

Further portal days until the end of 2016:

November 2016: 02/08/13/16/21/29
December 2016: 02/07/10/20/21/22/23/24/25/26/27/28/29

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