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portal day

Portal days are days that come from the Mayan calendar and point to times when extremely high levels of cosmic radiation affect us humans. On such days there is a very high-energy planetary environment, high vibration frequencies flow into our consciousness, which means that we humans are increasingly confronted with our primal fears and unresolved, deep-seated injuries. For this reason, increased tiredness can also spread on such days, which is exactly how people can react to the incoming energies with inner restlessness, sleep disorders, concentration problems and even intense dreams. Days like this are perfect for listening to yourself. Anyone who now listens to the inner voice, pays attention to it, will in all probability get increased answers.

Portal days offer perfect opportunities for advancement

transformation soulDue to the incoming energies, such days are particularly suitable for meditation, yoga, channeling and, in general, for transformation work. The connection to mental mind can reach new depths. This is exactly how our deepest dreams and heart's desires are brought before our eyes on such days. What do you still want to achieve in your life? What are your greatest desires in life and what is stopping you from realizing them? In the soul of every human being there are different desires that are just waiting to be realized. Every wish that can be realized in this context helps us to complete our own soul plan. Exactly, on such days one asks oneself more and more important questions about life, questions that are waiting for answers, answers that in turn could bring us joy. The veil lifts and especially in the current, newly beginning cosmic cycle it is becoming increasingly clear to us what we need in our lives and what we don't, what brings us happiness and what currently makes us unhappy. Such times can therefore also lead to separations on the outside as well as on the inside. On the one hand you feel very lonely, you may be depressed, down, you feel broken inside and you have the feeling that everything is pulling you down. On the other hand, separations can be initiated on the outside. It could be that you separate from certain friends, life partners, old habits/burdens, work situations, etc. We are asked to let go of old, defective old programming in order to finally be able to receive something new in our lives. While such processes can be very painful, know that no matter how dire the situation, things will happen that can drastically improve your circumstances. When we are receptive and finally accept what is constantly waiting to be accepted, then we will once again be able to draw abundance into our lives. Joy, lightness, happiness, love and abundance surround us permanently and are just waiting to be recognized and accepted again.

End your suffering process and start a life of ease and abundance..!!

Keep asking yourself what keeps you from accepting this abundance, what blocks you in life and robs you of your life energy. We are not worth suffering every day and sinking into pain over and over again. Of course, heartaches are important and serve for one's own mental + emotional DEVELOPMENT (the greatest lessons in life are learned through pain), but at some point we have to start recognizing and accepting ourselves again, so that we can finally bathe in all-encompassing love can. That's why these portal days are so important, because they let us see what slows us down in life and what is useful for our further development. Whether one finally recognizes and accepts this depends on each individual. Nevertheless, there is no question that your inner transformation process is progressing, you should not doubt that for a second. Even if times sometimes seem very hard and hopeless, it is advisable to take to heart that everything has a purpose and that everything should be exactly as it is at the moment. Nothing, absolutely nothing could be different in your life right now. At the very moment when you are sitting in front of your PC or something else and reading this article, everything should be exactly as it is.

You have the power to completely transform your life…!!

Everything serves your personal development and follows an all-encompassing cosmic order. Ultimately we should therefore be grateful for this fact and use the inflowing transformative energies to be able to move forward in life. Our subconscious is full of persistent mental programming and because of our conscious mind we are able to change that programming. We are the creators of our own life, our own reality and can therefore shape our lives completely freely, we can choose for ourselves which thoughts/sensations we legitimize in our own mind and which we don't. The POWER to do this is hidden deep within you because YOU are the SOURCE, never forget that. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony. 

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