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Full moon

Tomorrow it's that time again and the third portal day of this month reaches us. The month of April has so far been a rather harmonious and quiet month. The positive effects of the solar year (the sun as the astrological annual regent – ​​from March 1st, 2017 to March 20th, 2018) are manifesting themselves more and more on our earth from day to day and are still accelerating the development of our own spiritual mind, the development of ours own inner happiness. Happiness, love, harmony and peace always arise in our innermost being, in our hearts, our soul and the sun as regent promotes these qualities massively. Its effects make us happier, calmer and more relaxed overall. At the same time, the sun makes us more focused and makes it easier for us to realize our own dreams. As far as this is concerned, everyone has wishes and dreams that are deeply anchored in their subconscious. Dreams that usually don't come true because we stand in our own way and create our own mental blocks.

Unleash your potential

Unleash your mental + intellectual potentialIn the coming days, weeks and months it will be much easier to realize these wishes. For this reason, it is also about accepting the new, letting go of the old, accepting change in order to be able to create a new life on this basis. A life of abundance, not emptiness. If we join the natural flow of life in this regard and create balance in our lives, if we let go of all our fears and realign our state of consciousness towards abundance, if we resonate with this feeling, then we will soon see positive changes in our lives Can be detected. It is therefore important to ask yourself again and again why you are still standing in your own way, why you cannot make the leap into freedom, into a new life, why you keep getting caught up in a self-imposed vicious cycle of negative thoughts holds. What blocks the development of your soul? What still worries you, what worries you? What fears are transported to your day-consciousness again and again, what unresolved karma keeps reaching your mind and preventing you from enjoying the present moment?

The more mental problems we succumb to, the more we block the development of our own soul, prevent a positive expansion of our own state of consciousness..!!

Early childhood trauma, emotional wounds, suffering rooted in the subconscious that has been waiting for salvation for countless years and repeatedly affects our own actions. All these mental problems block our true SELF, block the development of a completely clear state of consciousness and will cloud our day-to-day consciousness again and again.

Harness the power of tomorrow's portal day

Full moonFor this reason, tomorrow is the perfect day to successfully deal with your own fears and problems. Tomorrow we will have a portal day + full moon in the zodiac sign Libra. As far as that is concerned, portal days are usually of a stormy nature, since particularly strong cosmic radiation (high vibration frequencies) reaches us on these days. This often creates an enormous imbalance in our own mind, which must be balanced. We therefore automatically match our own vibrational frequency to that of the earth. But in order to be able to leave a low-frequency/negative state of consciousness, it is important to be confronted with this state of consciousness again on all levels, be it internally or externally. Outside, for example, by people who directly or indirectly keep the condition in mind, inside, for example, by negative moods or even physical pain that you perceive. Only when we perceive our own inner imbalance and accept it in order to be able to take action against it can we keep our vibration frequency permanently high. For this reason, we should prepare ourselves for tomorrow's portal day and expect that old, unredeemed things could come up again. We shouldn't let that deter us, but we should use the high frequencies of tomorrow to go deep into ourselves, we should use these energies to be able to recognize new paths if necessary. Apart from that, tomorrow also calls for balance and more clarity.

Use the powerful potential of tomorrow and break your inner bonds, create a more positive state of consciousness..!!

Tomorrow's full moon stands for abundance, space, energy, but also stands in the zodiac sign Libra, which stands for balance. The Libra therefore signals that we should bring our inner mind/body/spirit imbalance into harmony/balance. We should break our own limits in order to finally be able to lead a life of balance and freedom. Because of this powerful combination of portal day and full moon in Libra, we can achieve a lot tomorrow, gain more clarity about our own lives and learn more about our own dark sides. We should therefore welcome this day and use the enormous potential. Break your own limits, grow beyond yourself and create a life that completely corresponds to your ideas! It's all about you, your mental and spiritual development/maturity and it's up to you, your strength and the power of your state of consciousness to realize this. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.


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