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Tomorrow it's that time again, on November 21.11.2016st, XNUMX another portal day awaits us. This is the penultimate portal day of this month and coincides with the end of what is known as a Mayan wave. As I have often mentioned in my texts, portal days are days that were predicted by the Maya and point to times when the collective state of consciousness will be flooded with increased cosmic radiation. In this regard, a Mayan wave means a longer section in which our planet is continuously accompanied by an increase in frequency for weeks. For this reason, the last week and a half in particular have been very exciting and have revealed to us deep insights into our true selves.

A liberating transformation process

transformation toDue to the current Mayan wave (from November 10.11th to November 22.11.2016nd, XNUMX) and the associated high level of cosmic radiation, we are currently in a liberating transformation/cleansing process. The energy of this wave again significantly increases our personal speed and inner discrepancies, hidden shadow parts, i.e. negative mental structures that are still anchored in the material shell of every human being, lower programming that is rooted in our subconscious, can now be optimally recognized and be transformed. In addition, through these energies we are now increasingly able to no longer cling to old sustainable patterns, we can look ahead and fathom the causes of inner blockages. This stormy year is slowly coming to an end and this is exactly how our current inner imbalance can be ended abruptly. The conditions for this are currently ideal. Due to the high vibration frequencies, we all now have the chance to close old stages of life and bring about long-awaited changes in our lives. As always, ask yourself which desires are slumbering deep inside you, ask yourself which desires you absolutely want to realize and, above all, what is currently preventing you from fulfilling these desires. Look back on the year and ask yourself whether it turned out the way you had imagined. At the beginning of the year you probably made new resolutions and set certain goals. Were you able to achieve any of these goals? How did the year go for you and was it ultimately possible for you to emerge from your darkness, if it was present?

I am currently experiencing deep transformation processes in my life!!

As for me personally, I can only say that I am currently completely experiencing this transformation. Until a few months ago I was in a deep emotional hole and didn't know what to do with myself. I felt bad all the time and experienced a massive mental imbalance, inner restlessness, depressive moods that I had never felt before in my life. However, this has suddenly changed and since the beginning of this month I have been feeling really well again. Within a very short time I managed to overcome my grief and found myself back in my self-love without being able to understand it in any way. I was now able to free myself from old, sustainable structures, let go and simply surrender to being. This deep love that I now feel for myself again enriches my life immensely and, as I said, came as a complete surprise. It's fascinating when I look at the whole thing, when I look back on the past and realize how quickly everything can change for the better. This happens especially when you have let go and no longer think about it, when you no longer expect it!

Never doubt the love that lies deep within you..!!

These are the moments when everything miraculously changes for the better. Therefore, always trust in your inner strength, in your inner power, which lies hidden deep in your physical garment. This unique power of your self-love is just longingly waiting to be rediscovered by you, waiting to be lived by you again. For this reason I can only recommend that you join the change, welcome the new energies and initiate the positive change in your life. It will happen, 100%, you must never doubt that, EVER!!! No matter how dark your life may seem to you at the moment, no matter how bad you are currently doing, know that your inner being will soon light up the darkest nights again, it will happen!!! 🙂  

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