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Now it's that time again and we're approaching another portal day, to be precise the second portal day of this month. Today's portal day is once again extremely intense and, just like yesterday's very intense full moon, it brings us strong energies again. In this context, the last few weeks have been more intense than ever before in terms of the planetary energetic environment. All inner conflicts, karmic patterns and other problems are coming to a head and an intensive cleansing process is still taking place. One could also equate this with a psychological detoxification, a huge transformation, in which all self-created blockages reach our own daily consciousness in order to be able to promote massive mental and spiritual development.

Intensive cleaning process

Intensive cleaning processUltimately, this cleansing process is also very important so that we humans can finally fully align our own vibration with that of the earth. As far as this is concerned, our planet automatically forces us humans to follow along and adjust our vibration frequency to its own. This is the only way to create space for a positive range of thoughts again. Everything that is based on destructive energies in this context, everything that is based on lies, on disinformation, on deception, artificiality, on fears and other lower thoughts + emotions, can no longer continue to exist, is increasingly exposed and continues to dismantle. The permanent state of a negatively oriented state of consciousness, which in turn also creates a negative reality, comes to an end and simply no longer corresponds to the increasingly stronger aspects of our own soul. Our own spiritual mind, our own sensitive, empathetic, kind-hearted and, above all, positively oriented side - we often talk about our true human nature here, no longer wanting to be suppressed by us and as a result becoming more and more expressed. Our own judgments are therefore increasingly nipped in the bud and we gradually begin to identify more strongly with our high-vibration aspects. At the end of the day, this identification also creates a realignment of our own mind, which ultimately leads to us as humans attracting positive things into our own lives, the positive living conditions that are also intended for us or in our own soul plan are anchored.

From month to month the collective state of consciousness expands + changes and due to the strong cosmic radiation - which is becoming more and more intensified, it is only a matter of time until a huge breakthrough in the collective state of consciousness is achieved..!! 

This identification process continues to progress in this regard and it is only a matter of time before a massive breakthrough in the collective state of consciousness takes place. The key year 2017 is progressing further and further and the intensity of the subtle war, the self-created conflict between ego and soul, will come to an end in the near future. What this end and the new beginning that comes with it will look like depends, as always, on each person. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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