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portal day

Today it's that time again and we're reaching the sixth portal day this month. For this reason, we can prepare for a day when it will be stormy again overall, and I wouldn't be surprised if the weather went crazy again today and there were an awful lot of chemtrails (none conspiracy theory) decorate our sky. Especially on days when increased cosmic radiation reaches us, a lot is done to mitigate these incoming frequencies. A lot of people in my social circle have already observed this phenomenon. Of course, this does not change the fact that all of humanity is in a quantum leap into awakening, that we continue to explore our own source and that the collective state of consciousness continues to expand + change.

The consistent further development of our own mind

The consistent further development of our own mindFor that matter, our entire planet has been undergoing massive change since December 21, 2012. In this context, the trigger for this phenomenon is a so-called newly begun cosmic cycle, a cycle that, simply put, transports our solar system into a brighter/higher-frequency area of ​​our galaxy. Apart from that, other complex interactions also flow into this cycle, for example consciously produced solar flares + high-frequency waves that are emitted by the nucleus of our galaxy (such a wave also reached our planet last year, for example, here one also spoke of a so-called wave Ultimately, this creates an increase in the planetary vibration frequency, which causes us humans to adjust our own frequency to that of the Earth. You can read in detail what ultimately happens as a result of this, especially in relation to our own lives and our own state of consciousness, here: Frequency matching to earth. At the end of the day, we humans become more sensitive, more empathetic, feel more connected to nature and the animal world and thus prepare ourselves for a change in dimensions.

The 5th dimension could also be equated with a completely positively oriented collective state of consciousness, from which a paradisiacal planetary circumstance emerges..!!

In this regard, people also like to talk about a 5th dimension, into which our planet, along with all the people living on it, will enter. Although some people use the term “5. “Dimension” still like to be mystified, but at the end of the day it means something completely different than you would expect.

The spiritual awakening of humanity

The spiritual awakening of humanityBasically, the 5th dimension does not mean a place in itself, but rather an increased state of consciousness from which a positive reality emerges. This means an “open mind” in which higher emotions and thoughts find their place/are created. In this context, our soul is also referred to as our high-vibration, empathic, 5-dimensional "I", our EGO is in turn equated with a material-oriented mind, an aspect of our existence that is exclusively responsible for the production of low frequencies/negative thoughts and emotions is responsible – the energetically dense counterpart. In the last few centuries, due to the low planetary vibration, there was a situation in which there was only room for our ego and for the development of negative aspects. Lies, disinformation, judgments, hatred, envy, jealousy, anger + the suppression of our own mental abilities therefore dominated people's minds. Only now, since the new Age of Aquarius and the associated high vibrational frequencies, is this circumstance changing and humanity is gradually becoming more sensitive, more energetic, more empathetic and is experiencing a development of its own spiritual mind. Of course, this process does not happen overnight, but over years and so the collective state of consciousness gradually gets used to the powerful cosmic influences. In 10 years, we will 100% find ourselves in a completely new planetary circumstance for this reason. A planet where peace will reign, a humanity that sees itself as one big family and a technology that will not be based on oppression (keywords: free energy, cure for all diseases, food + financial security for everyone - not a utopia) . For this reason, we should celebrate today's Portal Day instead of being afraid of its incoming frequencies.

Use the incoming energies of today and subsequently create a positive alignment of your own mind. Celebrate the portal days instead of anticipating conflicts in advance, because at least you always attract into your own life what you are and what you radiate..!!

Instead of instinctively assuming that there could be massive conflicts inside and outside today (initially I always prepared for such conflicts on portal days or days when there was an increased energetic environment, but why did everything come from a negative perspective? Aligned mind?) we can rejoice in the fact and constantly keep in mind that this unique energetic milieu is important for the flourishing of the collective state of consciousness. We can therefore choose for ourselves whether we benefit or not benefit from these days; as always, it depends only on us and the orientation of our own mind, on the quality of our own thoughts. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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