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Today it's that time again and we're getting another portal day, to be precise even the first portal day of this month. In this context, as far as the portal days are concerned, it has also become a bit quieter lately and so we have had relatively few portal days in the last few months compared to last year. This will only change again in July, a month in which we will again receive 7 portal days. To provide a better understanding in this regard, portal days are days that were predicted by the Maya and indicate days when increased cosmic radiation reaches us (just like the Maya also predicted the apocalyptic years - December 21, 2012 /New beginning of the Age of Aquarius/Apocalypse = unveiling/revelation and not the end of the world). On these days we humans are confronted with high vibrational frequencies, which ultimately have a strong influence on our own state of consciousness.

The creation of a positive mind

Positive Mind = Positive LifeIn this regard, every person has an individual vibration frequency or their own consciousness oscillates at a corresponding frequency, which in turn can increase or decrease. High vibration frequencies always serve to create positive spaces, for truth, harmony and peace. Low frequencies in turn create space for negativity, for negative thoughts, emotions and, as a result, negative actions. For this reason, many people often find the portal days to be very painful or, better yet, exhausting and there is a good reason for this. The high frequencies ask us humans to create space for positive things and for this reason force us to reorient our own state of consciousness towards positive things (a positive life can only emerge from a positively oriented mind).

Only through the positive orientation of our own mind will it be possible for us to create a life that completely corresponds to our own ideas..!!

But since we humans are still in a war with ourselves, a self-created war, between our soul and our ego (light and darkness/high frequencies and low frequencies), we can only stay permanently in a high vibration frequency when we are again resolve/transform our own fears, mental blockages, early childhood traumas, karmic baggage and other inner conflicts. Otherwise, these negative patterns continue to remain in our own subconscious and continually burden our own mental spectrum.

Negative thoughts of any kind block our natural energetic flow and as a result lower our own vibration frequency..!!

These self-imposed burdens continue to dominate our own minds and keep us trapped in a low frequency. On portal days we like to be confronted with our own inner imbalance so that we can firstly recognize it and secondly be able to initiate a transformation. Only when we become aware of our own problems, stand by them, and acknowledge our own mental problems will it be possible for us to derive important benefit from these problems.

Today's portal day - use the power of the present

Power of the presentFirst you always become aware of your own problems and then active action + transformation takes place. For this reason, today serves perfectly for our own mental and spiritual development and should encourage us to look more inwardly. In this context, healing, especially self-healing, cannot happen externally, but only internally. In exactly the same way, changes always first arise within oneself, in one's own mind, and can then be carried out into the external world through a realignment of our own mind (be the change that you want for this world). But change doesn't happen if we keep ourselves trapped in our own negative past and future scenarios. This is also a reason why many people feel so bad. Often we do not use the power of the present, but rather we draw a lot of guilt from the past and cannot come to terms with some situations. This can apply to all sorts of situations. A partner who has left you, something you haven't been able to come to terms with yet, loved ones who have died, or even some opportunity that you see as a missed opportunity in your life. Ultimately, this means that we often get lost in our own thoughts and can no longer think about anything else. We draw a lot of pain from our past and cannot find a way out of this self-imposed vicious cycle.

The past and future are exclusively self-created constructs, what we find ourselves in is ultimately always the present..!!

In the same way, some people are afraid of the future, are afraid of the seemingly unknown, of what may come next and then think of nothing else. But whether past or future, neither exists on the present level, but only in our own thoughts. Ultimately, we are always only in the NOW, in the present, an eternally expanding moment that has always existed, is and will be. For this reason, it is very inspiring to bathe in the power of the present instead of avoiding it. Anyone who actively or consciously lives in the present and no longer has negative thoughts about their own future and past can again actively work on realizing a life that completely corresponds to their own ideas. In this regard, we can act self-determinedly at any time, at any place, and take our own fate into our own hands.

We humans don't have to succumb to any supposed fate, but we can take matters into our own hands and choose what our future life will look like..!!

We can choose what our future life will look like and, above all, what thoughts we will legitimize in our own minds, what thoughts we will realize and what our future life will look like. For this reason, use the energies of today's portal day and become aware of what your future life may look like and start working towards the realization of such a life NOW, it is only up to you and the power of your own mental spectrum. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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