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portal day

Now it's that time again and we're reaching the first portal day of this month (a total of 6 items will reach us this month: August 03rd, 08th, 16th, 19th, 24th). This portal day also continues something that started last month, namely the current stormy energetic environment. As far as this is concerned, especially with regard to the energetic influences, the cosmic radiation, the increase in the planetary vibration frequency, the measured values ​​have been higher than ever before for several weeks. For this reason, the current time is of the highest intensity and for this reason leads to conflicts on all levels of existence.

Collapse of old fear-based ego structures

Collapse of old fear-based ego structuresEverything is currently changing at an incredible speed and we are experiencing a massive acceleration in the process of spiritual awakening every day. It is truly a turbulent time that can be perceived as very strenuous, but is fundamentally of utmost importance for our own mental and spiritual well-being. In this context, I have often mentioned in my articles that the year 2017 in particular is viewed as a kind of key year, a year in which the intensity of the subtle war is expected to reach its peak. Ultimately, what this “war” means is a battle between our high vibration and our low vibration aspects, a battle between soul and ego, a battle between positive and negative feelings/thoughts. For a long time, our ego had the upper hand in this regard, ensuring that we tended to get trapped in ego-affected structures, that we provided a lot of space for negative thoughts and, as a result, that we tended to have judgments, fears and other lower feelings in our own minds legitimized. However, the high incoming frequencies are currently preventing the expansion of our own negative space and are forcing us, autodidactically, to open up again as humans, to identify more with our own spiritual mind and to create space for more positivity, for more positive life events. In this regard, this process is unavoidable and is currently even coming to a head.

The current time is of the greatest intensity and demands that we now face our own fears in order to be able to create a carefree life again..!!

This escalation can also lead to massive discrepancies, which in turn show us in an impressive way our own lack of spiritual connection. It is now about dissolving our own fear-based ego structures more than ever before.

Psychological detoxification

Psychological detoxificationUltimately, this process can also be equated with a kind of psychological detoxification, a process in which we recognize and completely dissolve our own negative programs anchored in the subconscious. All the negative beliefs, EGO-affected structures, negative convictions - the automatic focus on fear, on lack, on suffering, on anger, now wants to come to an end and for this reason is now coming back in a special way transports our own daily consciousness. Nevertheless, we should not view this procedure from a negative perspective, but instead become aware that a time is now dawning in which we humans can break out of our self-created negative structures. It is therefore truly a magical time that, on the one hand, requires a lot of attention and strength from us, but on the other hand, it will also lead to the collective state of consciousness developing massively and changing its own direction. Many people will now be able to break out of their self-created dissatisfaction, their self-created chaos and achieve a personal spiritual breakthrough. The initiation of a groundbreaking change from which we will emerge like a phoenix from the ashes has begun and will become a complete rethinking of our own lives. For this reason, we should take advantage of the coming weeks and be happy that we have been given these unique opportunities.
Use the intense cosmic radiation and begin to create a life again in which you direct your own focus exclusively on creating a positive space..!!
Therefore, use the high incoming energies and finally create a life in which you no longer limit yourself in any way and, at the same time, no longer allow yourself to be dominated by negative thoughts. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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