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Today it's that time again and we're reaching the last portal day of this month, to be precise this is the seventh portal day of this month. Next month we will have another 6 portal days, which overall is a relatively high number of portal days, at least compared to the last few months. Well, with the last portal day of this month, the month of July ends at the same time and therefore leads us temporarily into the new month of August. For this reason, we should now prepare ourselves for a completely new period of time, because as I have often mentioned in my articles, every month has, a very individual energetic potential and offers us countless possibilities.

Beginning of a new time

Beginning of a new timeThe topics that will be discussed in the coming month of August are basically defined by each person for themselves. Of course, there is a predominant, overarching theme in this regard and that is the acceptance/dissolution of one's own shadow parts, as before to be able to go along with the vibration adjustment to the earth. The process of vibration adjustment, the creation of a higher state of consciousness in which permanently higher emotions and thoughts find their place (thoughts of harmony, peace, love, empathy/charity/self-love) is still taking place and continues to force us humans automatically to be able to create more space for positive development/self-realization. Ultimately, this vibrational adjustment also results in countless conflicts and other self-created blockages, which, due to this vibrational adjustment, are transported back into our own daily consciousness - so that we can recognize and resolve our own negative blockages. The collective state of consciousness cannot remain permanently at a high vibration while the majority of humanity is still negative and struggling with its own conflicts. As a result, the collective state of consciousness becomes largely focused on lack, and continues to manifest judgments, disinformation + other EGO-affected mechanisms in its structure. Nevertheless, the collective has already made great progress, especially since the beginning of the Age of Aquarius (December 21, 2012) and has been able to record enormous leaps.

The thoughts and emotions of each person flow into the collective state of consciousness and change its direction..!!

It currently looks like the truth about our own origins, the truth about global political events, is reaching more and more people and the number of people who subconsciously protect the system and maintain the construct based on disinformation with all their might is strong goes back - which can ultimately be observed on all levels of existence.

Realignment of the collective state of consciousness

Realignment of the collective state of consciousnessNevertheless, this further development has not yet led to any huge breakthroughs, as there are still many people who, firstly, are hardly aware of this fact and, on the other hand, there are still enough people who live out their inner conflict between soul and ego on a daily basis . This conflict expresses itself in a variety of ways. For example, some people are unable to free themselves from addictions, such as addiction to energetically dense foods, tobacco, alcohol, other drugs or even dependence on a partner. On the other hand, a lot of people still have to struggle with certain stress factors, for example caused by a job situation that makes them very dissatisfied, a relationship in which all love seems to be missing, or in general a life situation that anything but your own expectations. Our own actions are therefore often not in harmony with our own psychological desires and this therefore takes a toll on some people's psyche. Ultimately, the intensification of this inner conflict, i.e. the conflict between soul and ego, was also announced for 2017. The year 2017 is often seen as a kind of key year, a year in which this conflict will come to an end on a large scale. In other words, this year, a lot of people will find their own true self again, will realize a strong identification with their own soul again and, at the same time, will once again create a space within their own state of consciousness that is of a completely positive nature. For this reason, we will now face serious changes, some of which are positive and some of which are negative. Ultimately, however, this only depends on the orientation of our own mind and, above all, the use of our own mental powers. The time of waking up, i.e. a time in which we can once again create inner balance and no longer allow ourselves to be dominated by negative thoughts, is almost upon us and it is only a matter of months, weeks, yes, even days. in which such a change is realized again by everyone themselves.

Our own thoughts, emotions and actions always affect our own environment. Because of this powerful ability, we also have the power to steer our own environment positively or even negatively..!!

At the end of the day, we not only help ourselves, but also those around us, whose minds are influenced positively by our own positive feelings. So never forget: you are the creators of your own reality. You are the designers of your own destiny. You are not meaningless beings, but beings of great importance, who in turn have an immense influence on the collective state of consciousness. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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