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As announced in yesterday's Portaltag article, April is a rather relaxed month compared to March. In this context, we only get 4 portal days this month (on April 03rd, 04th, 11th and 15th). The whole month is therefore not accompanied by such strong vibration frequency fluctuations, which can sometimes be quite pleasant for our own spirit, because it is precisely these vibration frequency fluctuations or days on which an increased cosmic radiation suddenly reaches our planet be very uncomfortable. On such days we usually feel increased fatigue, feel lethargic, sometimes even depressed and are usually confronted with our own inner imbalance (if any). This month, however, everything is calmer and more harmonious. We can therefore relax again, recharge our batteries and work on realizing our own dreams.

Harmonious & relaxed days

Sun as annual rulerThe month of April is marked by the sun and the sun, as the annual ruler, has its full effect, especially in April. The result of this development is an increased harmony that we can perceive within. Everything is now calmer, more relaxed, more harmonious and we are once again in a position to be able to realize our own ideas in a targeted manner. In this context, every person has certain wishes and dreams. In our lives we try a lot to be able to realize these wishes. However, we often fail in this endeavor due to self-imposed burdens. We allow ourselves to be dominated by our own mental problems, remain in self-imposed vicious cycles and are unable to actively work on realizing these desires. This month things will look completely different and it will be much easier for us to develop our own potential again. The effect of the sun will now gradually manifest itself, we will reach 4 portal days this month and the whole thing, coupled with the fiery zodiac sign Aries, paves the perfect basis for us to be able to achieve personal success. It is therefore very advisable to use the potential of this month to give our lives a positive shine. At the end of the day, every human being is a very powerful being and can use their own mental basis, using their own mental imagination, to create a life that completely corresponds to their own ideas. In order to achieve this or to regain your own Soul Plan To be able to put this into action, it is important to no longer resonate with fears and other selfish behaviors. Ultimately, we always attract into our lives what resonates with our own state of consciousness. Anyone who is satisfied and mentally resonates with abundance and harmony will only receive abundance and harmony. An unchangeable law.

Every human being can choose for himself what he draws into his own life and what not, what he mentally resonates with and what not..!!

And the special thing about life is that you create your own beliefs and convictions. It is therefore very advisable to work on the alignment of our own state of consciousness on tomorrow's portal day, after all it is our state of consciousness, or rather the complex interaction of consciousness and subconscious, from which our current reality arises. So use the power of tomorrow to continue to steer your life into new, positive directions. At the end of the day, this will pay off. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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