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The stormy month of March is over and now the month of April has reached us, a month in which we humans can achieve a great deal again. For 12 days now the sun has been our new astrological ruler of the year and it stands for vitality, joie de vivre, success, happiness, life energy and harmony. Because of this, the following months will be extremely positive for all of us. In this context, the sun is currently unfolding its effect as the regent of the year and we can therefore expect very positive times. We can now easily realize our own goals and dreams, being able to create a life that is completely in line with our own ideas. For this reason, 2017 may represent an exciting turning point for us, a time when our lives will take a whole new trajectory.

Successful times

Sun as annual rulerIn contrast to previous months, April will be a rather quiet month. Of course, in April we will experience a drastic increase in our own sensitive abilities, feel an increased feeling of joy, of harmony, but overall everything will be rather relaxing. In this regard, we only have 4 portal days this month, which is relatively few. In the past, for example, there were months in which there were up to 10 portal days. In this context, such months were accompanied by a massive energetic high and were very tiring for us humans. During such months we were often confronted with our own fears and were asked to deal with our own inner imbalance in order to be able to permanently increase our own vibration frequency. Well, nevertheless, things are looking very different this month. 4 portal days reach us, one of them tomorrow (April 3, 2017). For this reason, tomorrow will be one of the more strenuous or stressful days this month. We should therefore look within ourselves again tomorrow and, if necessary, deal with our own beliefs and convictions. This month we are now offered a perfect breeding ground to create something new. This fact alone should motivate us to welcome the coming times with a positive attitude. In this regard, always remember that a positive life can only arise from a positive state of consciousness. It is therefore very advisable to resonate with abundance, happiness and harmony, only then will it be possible to attract abundance into your own life.

In this month we can create a life in which positive growth will flourish, a life that in turn is completely according to our own ideas..!!

We should therefore now take this principle to heart, because we can create great things in this month, we can create a life that corresponds to our own ideas. This is exactly how we can now create a life in which we are free. Free from addictions, free from fears and free from anything that still burdens our own state of consciousness. Therefore, make use of the power of the coming days and weeks and create a life that is no longer blocked by fears and other lower thoughts. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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