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The last few weeks have been extremely exhausting. The change of time is currently inevitably progressing and a permanent energetic high sharpens our senses, increases our sensitivity, strengthens the power of our own state of consciousness. People identify more and more with their own spirit and realize that the entire world is just a projection of their inner spiritual + mental state. One's own primal ground is explored, whereby we humans revise our own beliefs and ideas of the world. In this context, this spiritual further development is repeatedly characterized by days on which we humans receive increased cosmic radiation, so-called portal days. This cosmic radiation not only expands our own state of consciousness in a positive sense, it also repeatedly reminds us of our own fears and traumata.

end your suffering

Portal Day - State of ConsciousnessAs already mentioned, the process of spiritual awakening is about adjusting our own frequency. Due to the increased cosmic irradiance, which in turn increases the planetary vibrational frequency, the vibrational frequency of the collective state of consciousness automatically increases as well. Human civilization thereby reaches a higher state of consciousness. One often speaks of a so-called 5-dimensional state of consciousness. A state of consciousness in which higher emotions and thoughts are born. Thoughts, which in turn are based on harmony, love and peace. Nevertheless, many people remain in a self-created prison. An energetically dense prison that keeps our own mental abilities in check. We humans tend to stay in our comfort zone. We find it difficult to escape from our self-created hamster wheels and therefore like to live out paths of stagnation. But the process of spiritual awakening is about breaking out of our own comfort zone.

Overcome your inner fears, your deadlocked patterns to create a new, positive life on this basis..!!

It's about freeing our own hearts by overcoming our own set patterns. A drastic increase in our own vibration frequency or staying in a high frequency requires breaking out of our own deadlocked patterns, life situations that seem to repeat themselves every day and rob us of our life energy.

Only by breaking our own vicious circles do we become mentally free and able to love life again..!!

Only when we manage to break these patterns again will we be able to create a strong spiritual connection. We often remain in our own self-imposed vicious cycles for years. We have the feeling of being permanently on the track, we hardly develop further, experience a continuous increase in our own level of frustration and thus undermine our own mental + spiritual potential.

Unleash your potential

cureWith this rigidity, we also often experience feelings of sadness, anger, lethargy, depression, and an inability to see life in a positive light. For 4 years now the quantum leap into awakening has been progressing and the confrontation with our own deadlocked patterns is getting stronger. We are currently being confronted more and more often with our own fears, with our own problems, and it is becoming more and more necessary to break through our own mental problems. Today can therefore shake us awake. He can once again show us our own inner imbalance in a tough way. Of course this is not always easy, but it is necessary to finally deal with your own problems instead of suppressing them. Due to today's impulsive energies, we should definitely direct our own gaze inwards. We should face our own feelings and thoughts, should finally create a new path instead of standing in our own way. For this reason, I recommend that you do not do too much today. Give yourself rest, drink lots of untreated fresh tea, lie down early and deal with your own suffering. Only by recognizing and accepting one's own problems will it be possible to lead a freer life again. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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