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Tomorrow it's that time again and another portal day will reach us, to be precise the third one this month, which in turn will be accompanied by another portal day + a subsequent new moon. A special energetic constellation that after the intensive vibration weekend (May 19 – 21) some old programming (negative thought patterns, blocking thoughts and sustainable behavior) will stir up again. Since the month of May began, the ascension process has been going very well anyway. Mental blockages can be more easily recognized, accepted and transformed, just as we can currently stay in a higher vibration more easily, which in turn is expressed in an increased feeling of joy, allows us to become more active and overall creates more space for feelings of freedom (freedom is a state of consciousness).

Intensive realignment

Alignment of your own state of consciousnessDue to the manifestation of the sun as the astrological ruler of the year (May 21, 2017), more success, vitality and happiness can also be felt in one's own life. On the other hand, this vibrational frequency adjustment can also cause mental and physical problems. Depending on the intensity or severity of our own inner imbalance, we are confronted with our own inconsistency in a tough way. This process may then lead to arguments in our own social environment, headaches and general body aches then become more noticeable, we feel increasingly uncomfortable, less able to concentrate, perhaps even feel slightly ill and thus become more aware of our own internal imbalance. Ultimately, as has often been mentioned, this is based on a vibration frequency adjustment, because in order to create more space for positive things, we necessarily have to resolve our own mental problems, problems that ultimately prevent us from being able to remain in a high frequency throughout. For this reason, the process can be found to be very painful for some. As far as everything is concerned, May in particular heralds a time of change. The “harvest” of one’s own “seeds” is now upon us, i.e. anyone who has recently sown a foundation for a positive life, successful work or better living conditions in general will be rewarded for their own “actions” in this regard. All of this was forecast for the month of May. Changes are very noticeable and living conditions can now change drastically. Ultimately, all of these are changes from which a positive reality and, above all, a positively oriented state of consciousness will emerge.

The coming days will be enormous in terms of cosmic radiation. 2 portal days + a new moon signal to us that we should now initiate a new beginning..!!

However, it could still be stormy again in the next two days. We are now reaching two portal days in a row (portal days are days on which a particularly high cosmic radiation reaches the collective state of consciousness). A new moon will then reach us on May 2th.

Purification of your mind

Purification of your mindA perfect constellation to finally be able to start a new life, i.e. a life in which you can now begin to realize your own wishes and ideas about life. For this reason, we should definitely take advantage of these days and, above all, not let the high-vibration days get us down. As far as I am concerned, the last week was very successful. Despite great efforts, I was bursting with life energy, was able to realize some thoughts that had been present in my subconscious for some time, was overall much more productive, more concentrated and felt that an important change was taking place in my life. At the weekend things went downhill again for me, or rather the following happened: Due to my active week, in which I accomplished a lot, I somehow overloaded my own mind. I couldn't sleep well during that time, I overexerted myself and on the weekend, which was extremely energetic as mentioned in one of my last articles, I was severely overloaded. Around 20:00 p.m. I started to feel more unwell overall. A few hours later I had a circulatory collapse and I lay in my bed from 22 p.m. to 00 a.m. completely exhausted, my vision was black all the time and I was completely miserable. An extremely unpleasant experience, which also made it clear to me that I now have to change my diet even more consistently. In this context, I repeatedly had phases in which my diet went up or down. This improved again in the last week, but there were still moments when I treated myself to a lot. Ultimately, however, this really took a toll on my psyche; it really bothered me that I was constantly succumbing to my own ego in this regard, diminishing my own willpower and simply not being able to sew myself completely naturally.

This negative experience shaped my mind and made me look at things from a completely different perspective. Mindfulness and increased physical awareness are now essential for me..!!

Apart from that, I am also aware of the negative effects that chemically added foods have on our bodies. Nevertheless, everything came to a boil again that day, which made me approach everything a little calmer and more thoughtfully. For this reason, I will use the next 3 days and completely change my life. So tomorrow I'm going to the health food store and I'm going to buy some important things. Then I will detoxify my body and flush out all the impurities from my body. Ultimately this will benefit my mind, soul and body. Mindfulness is therefore now required. It is important that we now pay more attention to our mind and body and avoid any more poisoning, be it psychological or physical. For this reason, I advise you to use the coming days to create a positive life with the help of the incoming energies. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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