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portal day

Today we reach the penultimate portal day of this month (a total of 5, the last on March 27th) and this gives us a huge energetic increase. The planetary vibrational frequency will therefore experience a further increase, which in turn will have a major impact on our own spirits. In this context, the frequency increase is caused by the entry of cosmic radiation - triggered by the sun, galactic core, etc., but also partly by the increase in people who consciously find themselves in the process of spiritual awakening. The more people in this context find access to their own center again, become more balanced, more truthful, the more this inspires the collective state of consciousness. As a result, more and more people are inevitably coming back into contact with their own source, gaining a stronger connection to nature and experiencing higher states of consciousness.

Beginning of the solar year

Sun annual rainThe increase in frequency today is therefore perfect for gaining a stronger insight into our own cause. Today is exactly the right time to initiate big changes. Changes that we have been longing for for a long time, but we have never dared to make or realize due to fear and comfort. There are other astrological events taking place parallel to the portal day. On the one hand, the new beginning of the astrological year takes place on this day. The spring equinox on March 21st therefore heralds a new beginning. A powerful new beginning that finds the best possible support from the new annual ruler, the Sun (previously Mars). We have now been under the influence of this powerful ruler for a year and can therefore experience a feeling of upswing. We will feel more alive, have more drive, will have more strength to realize our own dreams. We will be able to realize ourselves much better and view the world from a clearer state of consciousness. The inner urge for change now ushers in a new time, a more powerful time in which we can more easily develop our own potential. Today can therefore be essential for some and initiate profound changes or lay the foundations for profound changes. Today the zodiac sign begins again. The sun is now leaving the zodiac sign Pisces, passing through Aries (March 21.03st - April 20.04th) and thus announcing a new beginning. The closure of old rigid behaviors, negative beliefs and other disharmonious states can now be accomplished. Just like that, a time is beginning when you can let go of the old and receive the new.

The process of spiritual awakening continues to progress, which in turn has a strong impact on the collective state of consciousness..!!

An important time that will accelerate the awakening of the collective state of consciousness and make us humans more sensitive. The spiritual/mental level continues to rise and for this reason we should not let the potential go to waste, but rather finally use it. We should join the power of the solar year and make an inner change.

Thanks to the solar year that is now beginning, a time is beginning in which we can realize ourselves. We can now attract harmony, balance and abundance into our lives more easily if we open ourselves up to it..!!

We now have the chance to create more balance in our lives, we can lead a more harmonious, balanced life and, above all, we can now create a life that corresponds to our own wishes. So now realize yourself, don't be afraid of the new, let go of the old and welcome change. This will ultimately set you free. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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