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Tomorrow it's that time again and we'll have another portal day, to be precise the fifth portal day of this month. As far as this is concerned, portal days are very special cosmic days (predicted by the Maya, keyword: apocalyptic years - apocalypse = unveiling, revelation, revelation and not the end of the world), on which our planet experiences increased cosmic radiation. In this context, these high frequencies increase the vibration frequency of our own planet, which means that we humans automatically adjust our own vibration frequency to that of the Earth. For this reason, such days can be very strenuous, because firstly, our own mind/body/spirit system integrates all the incoming energies on such days and secondly, the high frequencies force us to autodidactically to create more space for positive things again.

Reorientation of our minds

As already mentioned in my last article, this process is also very important for the awakening or further development of the current collective state of consciousness, because a harmonious/peaceful world can only emerge when we humans reorient our own minds towards peace and harmony (There is no way to peace, because peace is the way - be the change you want for this world). However, since we often allow ourselves to be dominated by our own mental problems, we tend to get trapped in self-imposed vicious circles and draw suffering from past situations that we may not have been able to deal with yet, we repeatedly block the creation of a space in which again Positive things can flourish. Our subconscious then transports the negative thoughts/programs into our own daily consciousness, which can only change again when we firstly recognize these self-created programs and secondly rewrite them again (You are the programmer of your life). Ultimately, every person is a powerful creator of their own reality and only every person can determine the future course of their own life. For this reason, you don't have to succumb to any supposed fate, but you can take your own fate into your own hands. We can therefore also act in a self-determined manner and choose for ourselves whether we manifest happiness or even unhappiness in our own reality. In this context, we humans also create our own luck or bad luck and this happens through the alignment of our own state of consciousness. Buddha also said that there is no way to happiness, being happy is the way. If we want to be happy again, then it is also important to legitimize the feeling of happiness, or the feeling of harmony, peace and love, in our own minds again, to live out this feeling, to radiate this feeling. We always attract what we are and what we radiate into our own lives. In this regard, our own mind also acts like a strong magnet, which in turn attracts everything into our own life that it resonates with.

Everything in existence is merely an immaterial/mental projection of our own state of consciousness. Our consciousness in turn has an individual vibration frequency and as a result only attracts things into our own life that vibrate at a similar frequency...!!

Our own mind, our own consciousness also has its own vibration frequency. Positive thoughts and emotions are production sites of high frequencies, negative thoughts and emotions are production sites of negative frequencies. If you look at the world from a negatively oriented mind, if you only see the negative in everything, then you will only attract life events into your own life that are of a similar nature in terms of vibration frequency. A lack awareness creates more lack, an abundance awareness creates more abundance.

Use the potential of tomorrow's portal day and start working actively on restructuring your own subconscious..!!

For this reason, the quality of your life depends only on your own thoughts, on the direction of your own state of consciousness. In this regard, portal days are also perfect for changing your own mental orientation again, as the high incoming frequencies make us aware of our own inconsistencies and we then become able to recognize them and subsequently resolve them. Only when we become aware of our own problems again, no longer suppress them and deal with our own disagreements, will it be possible again to actively work on restructuring our own subconscious. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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