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portal day

For about a year now I have been reporting on the Portal Day calendar and its announced Portal Days. This calendar is a "relic" of the Mayas and points to days on which we receive tremendous cosmic radiation, days on which the planetary vibration frequency is particularly high. There are days in cosmic cycle, where we humans have optimal conditions to be able to develop our own mental/spiritual potential. On these days we can therefore look inward and deal with our own mental wounds, mental trauma and other karmic baggage. This often happens subconsciously, without us perhaps even wanting it, because due to the high vibration frequencies, our own vibration frequency automatically adapts to that of the planet, which necessarily goes hand in hand with the processing/resolution/transformation of our own problems, because these reduce problems yes, ultimately our own vibration frequency.

The alignment of our vibrational frequency

The Planetary Vibrational Frequency - The Galactic ManDue to this energetic adjustment, which firstly happens completely automatically, secondly is unavoidable and thirdly transports us humans to a higher level of consciousness, there is less and less space for thoughts, actions and emotions that have a low vibration frequency at their core. Lies, egoism, envy, jealousy, hate, greed and anger, for example, are all sensations based on low frequencies. For thousands of years there has been a lot of room for these sensations and thoughts based on such low frequencies, but since the beginning of the new Age of Aquarius, which began on December 21, 2012, this is gradually changing. The planet continuously increases its vibration frequency, becomes more sensitive (our planet is a living being, a complex organism that has a consciousness) and now “forces” us humans to initiate an inner change, for the benefit of the planet, nature, the wildlife and especially human civilization. Because of this fact, we humans are being asked again and again to create more space for thoughts and actions that are based on higher vibrational frequencies. Love, harmony, empathy, peace, charity and other positive qualities are therefore increasingly emerging from our own state of consciousness or are a consequence of the drastic expansion of our own state of consciousness.

The collective state of consciousness is currently reaching new levels again and again..!!

From day to day, week to week, month to month, the collective state of consciousness is constantly reaching new levels and more and more people are therefore increasingly dealing with their own primal cause and the true reasons of the current low-frequency system. Ultimately, our world with all its oppressive systems was always based on low vibration frequencies, on energetically dense states.

Our state of consciousness has been held in an energetically dense frenzy for thousands of years..!!

We've been living in a world in which our state of consciousness has been suppressed for a long time. A world that made us humans materially oriented slaves. We shouldn't worry about the true events of our existence, but rather remain in an energetically dense state of consciousness. Our consciousness was permanently focused on "success", money, luxury, egoism, greed, narcissism, fear and illness.

The dark ones are losing control more and more

The planet is risingDue to this fact, the dark forces - elites - lose more and more control over the collective state of consciousness. For untold generations, they have found it almost a breeze to keep our minds captive in a frenzy of low vibrational frequencies. However, since humanity is currently becoming more and more sensitive, understanding more and more connections in life, becoming just as aware that the human spirit is suppressed, the dark forces are losing control over us more and more. The system is threatening to collapse and the financial elite, politicians, corporations and industries are well aware of this. This has become increasingly evident in recent times. More and more people are waking up from their deep sleep and massively denouncing the current grievances. The world is becoming more sensitive and even corporations can no longer evade this tremendous force and adapt to change. They are becoming more transparent, switching more to organic products, producing more vegan products and thus adapting to people's heightened state of consciousness. This is exactly how more and more people uncover the intrigues and machinations of the NWO. They understand more and more that the world as we know it is a product of occultists. Satanists (yes, the most powerful families in our world are occultists/satanists) who aim to create a new world order/government, a world in which all states are under their control using the interest (dollar) system, and we People toil away every day for their unimaginably large fortune. Once upon a time, these families believed that they were invincible and that no one would see through their perfidious game, but they were sorely mistaken. It won't be long before all the lies and intrigues on our planet are exposed across the board.

It won't be long before humanity enters the so-called golden age..!!

All of this will happen 100% in the next few years and mankind will then enter a new age, that golden age enter. This era will be accompanied by world peace, justice, free energy, clean food, and so on. A world in which the animal and plant world is no longer exploited and our planet will come to rest again. For this reason we should accelerate the ascension into the 5th dimension (5th dimension = higher state of consciousness in which more harmonious emotions and thoughts find their place) through our own personal transformation. Today's portal day is therefore wonderfully suited for this transformation. If you are still burdened with things in your life, problems from the past, worries about the future, feelings of guilt due to past situations, unsuitable/unwanted living conditions that make you extremely dissatisfied, then I can only advise you to use the energies of today, to gain a deeper insight into your heart.

Finally unfold your mental potential by realizing your own heart's desires..!!

Your heart's desires finally want to be lived and no longer wait for their realization and your soul is just waiting for you to finally unfold its potential. Expand your mind by finally making a decision and getting a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve, and then start putting that thought into action. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

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