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Today, March 16, 2017, another portal day reaches us and with it we can again experience an increase in the current planetary frequency of vibration. Portal days are days predicted by the Maya on which an increased cosmic radiation reaches us humans. In this context, such days serve our own mental + emotional development and can make our own problems clear to us in a direct way. This portal day is in the final phase of the zodiac sign Pisces (end on March 20.03th) and therefore heralds the transition to the next zodiac sign Aries. The sun passes through from the 21.03. the zodiac sign Aries whereby the whole cycle begins again. This zodiac constellation in combination with today's portal day has a few grueling days in store for us and heralds a new beginning even more strongly, which is essential for our own spiritual progress.

Stormy times – spirit of optimism

StormBeing able to make a fresh start is becoming increasingly important for many people. This new beginning refers to the most diverse life situations. For example, it can refer to a dissatisfied job situation, a job that demands too much of us, does not bring us any joy and therefore stands in the way of our own happiness in life. Or it is a complicated living situation with which we are dissatisfied. A bad diet/lifestyle that robs us of a lot of life energy every day, living together with people from whom we may not be able to part. For this reason, this new beginning can also refer to a blocking partnership relationship through which we are currently suffering a lot or a relationship that massively stands in the way of our own happiness. A relationship in which we have not yet managed to free ourselves from it. Perhaps a relationship that is simply based purely on dependencies. Here we come to the next act of liberation, namely the liberation from all dependencies. Dependencies, for example from other people, substances, "food" always dominate our own mind and therefore block the development of our own mental + spiritual abilities. But the end of the reincarnation cycle or in order to be able to carry out a massive spiritual development, it is important to free oneself from all dependencies. In this context, every dependency torpedoes our own spirit and robs us of a bit of freedom. But at the end of the day, we humans are creators of our own lives and only we ourselves can break this spiral of dependency. If we succeed in this project again, then nothing stands in the way of our own spiritual development.

The clearer our own state of consciousness is, the more we attract things into our lives that correspond to our own soul plan..!!

We feel lighter, more energetic, happier and gain a feeling that is irreplaceable and that is clarity. The clearer our own state of consciousness is in this regard, the freer we feel and the more our own mental abilities develop. In addition, a clear state of consciousness, which, by the way, is closely linked to a pure heart, draws into one's own life, which is ultimately also intended for oneself. Everything comes to you at the right time, in the right place. If you act 100% from your own heart again and actively work on the realization of your heart's desires, then you always, at all times, draw the things into your life that are also intended for you.

The intensity of the cosmic radiation in the last few days/weeks has been so tremendous that it has severely limited our own performance..!!

The own soul plan is realized, whereby we can lead a true life again. Of course, it is not always easy to get rid of all your own problems/dependencies. This is all the more difficult, especially in turbulent times, times in which a massive frequency adjustment takes place. Portal days therefore always make us aware of our own problems, but due to the high natural vibration it is difficult to break free from dependencies on such days. The last few days/weeks in particular have been very tiring and difficult in this regard. The energetic situation is currently so high that I was extremely tired myself in the last few days and could hardly work by my side. My concentration wasn't the best and my body just needed some rest - which is how it should be. Well, for this reason we should use the energy of today's portal day to get more clarity about the further course of our own lives. We should turn our gaze inward and continue to explore the problems of our own suffering, our own inner imbalance. Only when we recognize the roots of our own problems and accept them will it be possible to make changes in this regard. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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