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portal day

So now it's that time again and we're getting another portal day, to be precise even the third portal day of this month. For this reason, we humans experience increased cosmic radiation again today, which stirs up all kinds of hidden feelings and programs/thoughts anchored in the subconscious. In the end, all doors are open to us and we can look into our innermost being, we can even look back on the past and visualize our innermost spiritual desires.

All doors are open to us

All doors are open to usOf course, today could also be perceived as exhausting for us in one way or another, as the increased cosmic radiation forces us to adapt our own vibrational frequency to that of the earth, a process that ultimately leads to that we recognize our own shadow parts more than ever in order to be able to initiate a transformation of them again, which will then enable us to create more space for positivity on a permanent basis. This is also a goal that is manifesting itself more and more in the collective state of consciousness in the current, newly begun Age of Aquarius. In this way, our planet continuously experiences an increase in its own vibrational frequency, leaving less and less room for negativity, lies, disinformation, disharmony and the development of one's own egoistic mind. The entire cosmic circumstance has changed its entire alignment in this regard and we humans are doing the same, adjusting to this high vibrational circumstance and beginning to resolve our own discrepancies, our own problems and most importantly our own egoism based concepts. All concepts based on negativity, one's own materially oriented mind loses footing from day to day and experiences an inevitable transformation as a whole. In turn, we then re-identify with our own soul, with our own empathetic, kind, high-frequency aspect, and re-create a state of consciousness that is overall positive. As a result, at the end of the day we realize living conditions that are no longer destructive, but harmonious in nature.

Due to the current Age of Aquarius and the associated increase in vibration frequency, we automatically adapt to this circumstance, become more tolerant and unprejudiced over time and create more space for the emergence of harmonious living conditions..!!

Since there is a particularly high energetic milieu on portal days, these days are perfect for creating more space for positivity again. Ultimately, these days are always about recognizing, accepting + dissolving one's own negative programs in order to be able to fully develop one's own mental + spiritual potential again. As far as that is concerned, almost every human being has negative convictions, beliefs and negative thought patterns that repeatedly reach our own day-to-day consciousness and subsequently dominate our own mind.

There are countless programs anchored in our subconscious, some of which are positive in nature, some are negative in nature. On portal days we always have special access to our programs and can rewrite them more easily than on other days..!!

Only when we "rewrite" these programs or replace them with positively oriented programs will it be possible again for our own day-to-day consciousness to no longer be restricted by negative programs. For this reason, we should also use today's portal day to be able to recognize + rewrite our own negative programs. In this way, at the end of the day, we promote the development of our own spiritual mind and move closer to the goal of creating a life that completely corresponds to our own ideas. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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