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The last portal day of this month (15.04.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX) reaches us tomorrow and announces the beginning of an inner change as the final portal day. In this context, the month of April was a month in which we have been able to set things in motion so far, especially as far as the further development of our own state of consciousness is concerned. Important self-knowledge regarding our own primal ground became part of us again, new spiritual experiences could increasingly be collected. Likewise, there were a few days of relaxation, phases in which we could recharge our batteries to restore our own balance and simply surrendered to the natural flow of life. Nevertheless, we also reached 3 portal days on the other side, which repeatedly caused inner conflicts to sprout.

The time of change

As far as that is concerned, we also received increased cosmic radiation (M-flares) during this period, which was sent from the galactic central sun and reached our solar system. These waves or high vibration frequencies always have an immense influence on our state of consciousness. In exactly the same way, they show us the old programming of our subconscious, activate our subconscious shadow parts and thereby trigger a very special process of becoming conscious. One recognizes one's own problems, one's own negative behavior, recognizes the moments when one still acted ego-based, then deals with it and accepts these mental/emotional blockages. You accept your own situation, recognize it as a state of consciousness that you have created yourself with the help of your own thoughts, your own mental imagination. You yourself are the creator of your own life and are responsible for your own circumstances.

The biggest decision of your life is that you can change your life by changing your mind - Albert Schweitzer..!!

Then this important self-awareness paired with the urge to build a life that fully corresponds to one's own ideas, wishes and dreams will initiate a change. A drastic change in one's own state of consciousness, from which a new reality can now emerge. A life in which you take responsibility for your own actions.

Your own state of consciousness works like a magnet and it attracts everything with which you mentally resonate..!!

One sheds all the karmic baggage and resonates with abundance instead of loss and lack. The more positive our own thought spectrum is in this context, the happier we are and the happier we feel, the more our state of consciousness resonates with abundance and harmony. Our state of consciousness then radiates/sends out the feeling of fullness and, due to the law of resonance (energy always attracts energy of the same intensity, same vibration frequency), draws more fullness into one's own life.

The last portal day

Portal day, solar yearFor this reason, tomorrow we should look inwards again, should remember what is important for our personal growth, what would benefit our health and, above all, how our life should continue. Maybe there are things that you have wanted to implement for a long time but just cannot implement them. Thoughts that have been present in your own consciousness for a long time and are just waiting for you to be redeemed by realizing the thought/committing the action. On the other hand, there could also be certain longings that keep you from the present moment. Lose that in fear of the future, fear of what could still come or even feelings of guilt due to past life events, situations with which one could not come to an end. On tomorrow's portal day we should therefore take time for ourselves again to be able to process these incoming energies better. For the rest of the month we will no longer receive any portal days, which has not happened for a long time. Peace could return for this reason. Our lives could easily be on more positive paths again. Our state of consciousness could now more easily resonate with abundance again.

There is no limit, no limit to your future life. Use the power of your mind and create a life according to your ideas..!!

But what will ultimately happen depends only on you and your own mental imagination. There are infinite states of consciousness and scenarios that you can realize and it is up to you what you choose. You can choose for yourself whether you use the potential of the coming weeks or whether you remain in your current state of consciousness. It's up to you. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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