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portal day

So now it's that time again and we're reaching the next portal day (Click here for an explanation of these portal days), to be precise, the second and last portal day of this month. In this context, the first portal day reached us the day before yesterday on June 12, 2017 and was once again very exhausting for some people. I also found this day to be very tiring and so I was extremely exhausted throughout. The day before, we drove to my girlfriend in Lower Saxony that night, which was very tiring. Nevertheless, and despite sufficient sleep, we were both very exhausted the next day and felt how the increased cosmic radiation was forcing our own minds to rest. Of course, not everyone felt that way.

Portal days and the exhaustion that comes with them

Portal days exhaustiveAs a rule, these high incoming frequencies are very tiring, as they often confront us with our own mental problems, show us still existing blockages and other self-imposed problems. Nevertheless, not everyone reacts so strongly to the high vibration frequencies, which partly has to do with their own sensitivity and sensitivity. In my experience, most people react very strongly to these incoming energies and feel very tired and exhausted on such days. In the same way, many people are confronted with their own fears in a special way on these days. Anxiety attacks, depressive moods and other negative feelings tend to dominate your mind on such days. Ultimately, this direct confrontation with our own mental problems is necessary, because we cannot remain permanently in a high frequency when we are repeatedly confronted with our own imbalance at certain moments in our lives, which in turn lowers our own vibration frequency. The creation of a positive space, the realization of a positively oriented state of consciousness, from which a harmonious, peaceful and, above all, balanced reality emerges, is only possible if we reprogram our own subconscious so that we are not afraid of fears and others are no longer subject to discrepancies. But in today's society, people are often very comfortable and tend to remain in self-imposed vicious cycles. It is usually very difficult for us to break out of rigid, negative life patterns and so we often move in circles, allow ourselves to be dominated by our own fears, dwell on negative past and future scenarios (feelings of guilt from the past, fear of the future) and manage it not to act self-determinedly or we do not manage to create a life out of the presence of the present that corresponds to our own ideas and is of a completely positive nature.

Unleash your potential

Unleash your potentialBut the time for sleep is not just ending so slowly, no, it is already long over. More and more people are finding themselves in the current process of spiritual awakening and are now entering a new phase. In this context, the first phase usually consists of the initial awakening. You begin to question life more intensively again, inquire about the meaning of life, deal with your own mind and your own origins again, question geopolitical events and get an ever clearer picture of the world. Of course, this phase does not have a fixed length, but it usually lasts for several years (of course, the self-knowledge never comes to an end, you are always expanding your own state of consciousness, creating new beliefs and convictions and gaining new knowledge). After this phase, a time begins in which one awakens from one's own dreams and applies one's own knowledge. You put your own hatred, for example against them NWO you put aside your own self-hatred and your own inactivity and now begin to embody everything that ultimately corresponds to your own level of knowledge. You initiate a personal revolution, eat completely naturally, give up your addictions, act largely from your own soul and as a result you no longer allow yourself to be influenced, let alone dominated, by negative thoughts. Often some people, for example, know how to heal themselves, how to can cure any disease, but still act contrary to their own knowledge, which of course puts a lot of strain on them subliminally.

Times have changed and a new phase is now beginning, a phase in which we humans can once again create a life that is in harmony with our intentions and emotional desires..!!

Nevertheless, a new phase is now beginning; humanity has developed significantly in recent years and is now increasingly beginning to create a life that is in harmony with one's own spiritual desires. Ultimately, something unique happens, a special chain reaction is set in motion. Your own thoughts and emotions influence and change the collective state of consciousness. For example, the more people think positively, the more strongly this thinking manifests itself in collective reality.

Your own thoughts and emotions always flow into the collective state of consciousness, changing and expanding it..!!

As a result, more people begin to legitimize positive thoughts in their own minds. The same thing happens with the truth about our planet. More and more people are coming to terms with the true causes of the chaotic planetary situation, understanding again that in order to maintain an energetically dense system we are confronted with disinformation, lies and half-truths every day and are thus infecting the collective state of consciousness with the truth. The result is a spread of truth, a spark that ignites a great fire of truth.

Change can only happen when we change the direction of our own state of consciousness. Albert Einstein also said the following: You can never solve problems with the same way of thinking that created them..!!

Nevertheless, to return to my previous passage, this very principle can also be applied to the second phase of awakening. As more and more people take responsibility for their own space, for their own thoughts, and then begin to embody their own knowledge and initiate a peaceful, personal revolution, this cleansing is also transmitted to other people, resulting in more and more people suddenly begin to take responsibility for their own actions, which will ultimately usher in a peaceful revolution.

Be the change you want for this world!!

This phase is now in full swing and more and more people are becoming aware of this development in the process. For this reason, we should once again use tomorrow's final portal day to become clear about what is really important to us and, above all, why we are still maintaining our own, self-created blockages. At the end of the day there is only one thing that can be said: Nothing changes until you change yourself. And suddenly everything changes. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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