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After the last intense and above all stormy full moon energies, another portal day will reach us again tomorrow, July 12, 2017. After the last 2 quieter days, things could get a little more turbulent again. Due to the incoming cosmic radiation, inner conflicts can be transported back into our own daily consciousness and stir up a lot of things in our innermost being. On the other hand, the incoming frequencies can also be inspiring for our own state of consciousness. Depending on your current emotional sensitivity and, above all, stability,These energies can also be very liberating tomorrow. Peace could return and the energies can lead to us being able to look more clearly into our own innermost being and come to profound insights into our own psychological constitution and our own mental identification.

The intensity of the incoming energies – ensures balance

Follow your inner callIn this context, I already mentioned in my last portal day article that the incoming cosmic energies, or the cosmic radiation that prevails on portal days, can have a negative effect on our own state of consciousness on the one hand, but also a positive one on the other. Ultimately, this always depends on the state of our own mind. If we are generally more ailing at the moment, are emotionally very sensitive, are struggling with many of our own problems and conflicts, if we feel a strong inner imbalance and are not quite up to speed, then the intense cosmic energies can also handle this situation strengthen. Arguments then tend to arise more quickly, we are generally more touchy and sensitive, may become less focused, may even feel depressed and can hardly form a clear thought. If this is the case, then it is highly advisable to rest more on such days. You should then avoid excessive exertion, take care of your own body and not burden your mind too much with unnecessary things. For this reason, we can then provide more balance with lots of fresh chamomile tea (other types of tea are of course also possible - peppermint, lavender, St. John's wort, lemon balm, etc.), sleep, meditation, calming music, a natural diet and generally relaxing activities .

The more rest we allow ourselves, the more we pay attention to our own bodies and stay mentally at a high frequency, the easier it becomes for us to deal with all the incoming energies..!!

This makes it easier for us to absorb all the energies into our own mind/body/spirit system and makes it easier for us to process them. People who, in turn, have strong emotional stability, are currently very satisfied with their own living conditions, hardly have to struggle with internal conflicts, hardly ever feel depressed and have a lot of vitality, will not be quite as strong with the struggling with the incoming energies.

Listen to your heart

Listen to your heartOf course, you shouldn't rely on it blindly and even on portal days, you should allow yourself to rest and not put too much strain on your own mind, or rather overload it. In this regard, it is also very advisable not to underestimate the intensity of the incoming energies too much, because these high vibrational frequencies have a huge influence on our own psyche and are very important for our own prosperity. In this context, it is important to listen to your own heart. We don't get answers from outside, but always from within. It is important to trust our own intuition, our own feelings and listen to the call of our soul. Ultimately, our soul also represents the gateway to our true being, so it always tells us what is good for us and what is not. In this regard, the soul is also the carrier of our own soul plan, contains all past incarnation experiences and always leads us onto the right path if it is given enough space to develop. If we repeatedly persist in rigid, negative life patterns, if we repeatedly allow ourselves to be dominated by our own fears, if we repeatedly make decisions that we know from the start are not good for our own physical and psychological constitution, then we undermine ourselves Ultimately, we only use the potential of our own soul and leave it unused. For this reason, it is always beneficial to remain at a high vibrational frequency. No matter how difficult the current circumstances of life may be, no matter how difficult and rocky our current path may be, we still have the special ability to move into a higher vibrational frequency at any time.

Tomorrow we humans will again be confronted with increased cosmic radiation. But at the end of the day, how we ultimately deal with these energies, whether we get positive or negative things from them, always depends on ourselves..!!

Love, harmony, happiness, inner peace and, above all, the potential of our own self-healing powers, permanently slumbers in our own hearts. Which thoughts and emotions we legitimize in our own minds, which path in life we ​​choose, depends entirely on the use of our own mental abilities. In this way you stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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